Superheroes and Open-World Games: The Perfect Combination

Hardcore Gamer: Gamers love superheroes. Whether it’s DC, Marvel, Dark Horse or manga, the idea of being powerful and being able to challenge some freak-of-nature foe in a superhuman standoff has always had an epic and enthralling appeal. The superhero subgenre has led to countless films, TV shows and video game adaptations, but a recent trend for the field has definitely changed things for the gaming community. Superhero games are steadily becoming involved with the open-world genre of gaming. Batman, Superman and even fresh new original superhero series are expanding beyond level-to-level progression and breaking down the walls of game design. But why is that? Why are we expanding to a fully explorable city instead of simple mission-to-mission design? It’s simple, really; superheroes and open worlds, when combined, epitomize each other’s visions. Together, both sides are downright unstoppable.

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Ced2141712d ago

I think it depends on the hero.

Superman gathering collectibles in metropolis? Sounds kinda off.

I do like the idea, it's just that developers really need to make it good to be understandable and enjoyable.

Outside_ofthe_Box1712d ago

Arkham City was my first thought as well when thinking of the best open world super hero game.

FamilyGuy1712d ago

Spider-man should have always been open-world. Every game felt like it needed it.

Super-man should have been beyond open world by having multiple planets. A Justice League open world game too where you could travel between the different cities of all the main characters.

Need more open world games beyond the mmo genre in general.

chrissx1712d ago

Spiderman2 and incredible hulk:ultimate destruction on Ps2 are the best superhero openworld games I've played. But the infamous series can sure hold its own. Looking forward to SS

dcj05241712d ago

Dude as a boy i put at least 300 hours in both of those. My PS2 game collection is mainly Sonic, A few JRPGS, and these 2.

king_george1712d ago

I liked ultimate spiderman on ps2. The whole world looked like a comic book.

Hopefully infamous paves the way for other heroes to take the open world plunge

wls10121712d ago

I still play the Superman game on 360, wish they would make another.