PlayStation 4 Is the Sexiest Next-Gen Console, Says Gamers

GamerFitnation: The PlayStation 4 is the sexiest next-gen console, according to a GamerFitNation survey.GamerFitNation asked gamers which of the next-generation consoles was sexiest to them.

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Eldyraen3812d ago

Lacks sufficient curves for me but if that's your thing then I say go for it (as long as its legal).

truefan13812d ago

Well technically it is the shape of an eraser and boy is it ever fitting.

Destrania3812d ago

Because it erases the competition? Yep.

GarrusVakarian3812d ago (Edited 3812d ago )

Because it erases the opposition.

Edit: Damn! The guy above me beat me to it.

Truefan1, you are so, SO bitter about the PS4's overall success and praise. It's going to start having an effect on your mental health if you carry on....if it hasn't already.

My save data is completely fine, btw ;)

scott1823812d ago

Sony chose to design a console, other companies copy my grandmas VHS player.

GW2123812d ago

And the XB1 looking like a 1980s VHS player is fitting as well because that's the resolution it outputs.

GarrusVakarian3812d ago (Edited 3812d ago )


Lmao! That was a good one.

Edit: i found this - http://i.imgur.com/7pLUS16....

VENOMACR12273812d ago

Pretty sure people buy a system based on what they like (games, developers, functionality) not what it looks like. I don't think either system is really that attractive. They could have made the X1 look like a Ferrari and the PS4 a Honda Fit. PS4 still would have outsold it and out performed it based on specs, not because it looks like a Honda Fit lol.

Whiskeyjacked873812d ago

hahaha you fell right into that one!!! your eraser is erasing the XB one, your worst nightmares are coming true!!! bet your biting your nails a lot more often now!

Whiskeyjacked873812d ago

poor truefan1 even worse than i with his one bubble, zeros comeback abilities. i love it. he says silly things and gets bashed hard, rightfully so, and he can't do squat about it!

sic_chops3812d ago

Haha... One bubble wonder just like Belking. Twice as small and 50% more powerful. Good job Sony. @truefan your power brick is the one that looks like an eraser.

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adorie3812d ago

dat geometrical knowledge

Shnazzyone3812d ago

Translation: Ps4 has a web browser, I'm currently using it for porn.

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chrissx3812d ago (Edited 3812d ago )

Ps4 is the defination of a Sexy Beast >:o

KillerPwned3812d ago

It is a really pretty piece of hardware when I got mine I did not expect it to look the way it does.

johndoe112113812d ago

Agreed. It actually looks a lot better in real than it did at the reveal. It's really sleek.