Peter Molyneux, Designer of Original 'Dungeon Keeper' Calls iOS Version "Ridiculous"

EA's Dungeon Keeper [Free] might very well be the most hated free to play game yet, with a particularly brutal listing on Metacritic featuring a Metascore of 46 with "generally unfavorable reviews," a user score of 0.2 out of 10, or, "overwhelmingly dislike", a one star review here, and many outlets scoring the game a zero out of ten. In fact, the only people who seem to be enjoying themselves in Dungeon Keeper are those that are filtering through the five star side of EA's super skeezy rating prompt.

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megalonagyix3665d ago

Art style looks nothing like the original.

dedicatedtogamers3665d ago

Wow. When Molyneux - the creator of that awful smartphone game Curiosity - condemns this, you know you've dun goofed.

MRMagoo1233665d ago

He is a master at making sh!t games so im guessing he knows one when he sees one. He may be jealous tho that he didnt make the sh!tty game first tho lol.

Thantalas3665d ago (Edited 3665d ago )

Pot calling kettle black.
After Peter Molyneux asked for Kickstarters money to make the game Godus (including mine) he surprised everyone a few months later by revealing it has some deeply ingrained pay-to-win elements and is riddled with microtransations. In the beta, backers were stunned to see that one upgrade of 1300 gems was listed as $49.99! After an outcry on the Steam forums Molyneux said he will rebalance the game. But the problem was he did a bait and switch on backers and now here he is criticising EA when he had wanted to do the same!


MadLad3665d ago

I'd be annoyed if my past publisher crapped all over a solid work of mine as well.
They are spitting on a beloved franchise that they want nothing to do with otherwise. They could easily sell it off to a company who would actually do something worthwhile with it, but no.

Codey473665d ago (Edited 3665d ago )

Ridiculous....that's exactly what I find you to be Mr. Peter "Can't stop the bullshit even if you tried" Molyneux.

Lyin'head Studios

MasterD9193665d ago

Even Milo can't save you Petey.


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gaffyh1103d ago

Don't think i've seen any of these games requested for remakes by anyone else! To each their own i guess.


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SpamnJam2084d ago

Seriously, there are so many good EA titles from the past that could make wonderful new games. But it aint going to happen. All about the dollar dollar bills.

Araragifeels 2084d ago

Well Dante Inferno, Dead Space, Army Of Two, Medal Of Honor and other are flops. Once the game flop so hard in the first or the sequel that EA let the franchise die off.

sizeofyou2084d ago

So wanted Fight Night revival...UFC doesn't cut it for me... 😔

TheGoodestBoi2084d ago

Great to see command and Conquer make an epic return to mobile /epic sarcasm

2084d ago
2083d ago

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bradleejones2618d ago

No Infamous... First game I thought of. GTA too...

Fist4achin2618d ago

DMC when you play as Virgil?! Maybe, maybe not...