Amazon Making A Console Could Saturate The Market

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I’m personally a console gamer. I prefer consoles after years of PC gaming, but I try to respect both sides. The trouble is that many people push gaming issues onto console players. Lack of indie games, graphics, etc… which could be true, but the truth is, what is better than a machine mostly dedicated to gaming? Nothing.

Turns out we are having some new visitors in the game industry that could be a cause for concern. We have Amazon purchasing Double Helix, hinting at a home console, and even starting to push in that direction. We also have Samsung that hints at possibly making a WiiU style console, but follow in Amazon’s footsteps. Then we also can’t forget the usual Apple console rumors that come out of nowhere almost every week. These are the big guns; we also have smaller companies making consoles like Ouya that spring up at the beginning of every generation."

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dedicatedtogamers1807d ago (Edited 1807d ago )

I've been saying this for quite a while now: the 8th gen is going to be saturated, and the results are always the same: one console brand dominates by a huge margin, and the other consoles fight over the scraps. Ouya, Steambox, PS4, X1, Wii-U, and now Amazon console? Not to mention all of the external competition from smartphones and tablets.

Don't believe me? We already have two historical instances as proof.

First, you have the 5th gen. We all remember it for the rise of the Playstation. It was a hot battle between Sony and Nintendo where Sony won by a wide margin. But Nintendo was still the 2nd-best-selling console. Did you know that? There were a ton of other consoles and for many companies, it was their last console. SEGA Saturn, Philips Cd-i, NEO GEO, Atari Jaguar, 3d0...and most of these companies died off or were heavily damaged (like SEGA). Consumers had too many choices, so they went with the most popular console (Playstation) and the console grew in popularity like a snowball effect.

Then you have the 2nd/3rd gens, which led to the Crash. The market was saturated, too. Atari 5200, Magnavox Odyssey, Intellivision, Colecovision, Astrocade, not to mention the rise of the C64, Amiga, etc.. People simply threw up their hands and said "there are too many choices!" and the console market shrunk (in the USA, specifically) which resulted in a big crash. Nintendo picked up the pieces and pushed forward, but most of these companies went out of business and didn't continue making game consoles.

The point is, market saturation always has the same result. We're already seeing a brand dominate the 8th gen console marketspace. It's a pretty safe bet to assume what the result will be.

Mikey322301807d ago

I dont think the Ouya or any of the android consoles really contended this generation. (The were just kinda failures).

It seems that the big 3 (Sony, Nintendo, and Microsoft) already have the console market on lock (split among them in various proportions).

Now the steambox i wouldnt really say is quite contending for the home console market just yet. Its more of a branch for PC Gamers.

As far as any other companies being able to contend in the Home console market, i dont see any Android based Consoles being able to compete. Is been tried many many times recently and there just isnt a big market at all for it. If amazon goes that route, i cannot see that succeeding to well.

The only real contenders i can see Pushing for room against the Big 3 are Apple (if they secretly ramp up big teams of software studios) or Valve (If they find some way to merge consoles/PC gaming with their steambox) - With the current state of steambox, i dont see that happening, they just seem to be reintroducing a PC platform in their own kind of weird way, but that could change because its to early to tell.

dedicatedtogamers1807d ago

So the Ouya doesn't count, but the CD-i and Pippin and 3D0 do? That's my point. Every "box" that enters into the console space adds to the saturation, and Ouya added to the saturation.

Mikey322301807d ago

Just think though, if Apple ever tried to re-enter the gaming market what that would do..

I think it would cause pandemonium. Because then you would have all your other big time electronics companies trying to copy/compete with Apple. Most notably, Samsung. But also perhaps google.

How crazy.

Saryk1807d ago

One gaming machine has survived all of it, the PC!

wsoutlaw871806d ago

lol saying pc survived all of it is just like saying "console" survived all of it.

4logpc1807d ago

I honestly rolled my eyes when I read Amazon was making a console, but when I heard they bought Double Helix, I said well maybe they are serious.

When stuff like the oyua was announced I wrote it off because as much as I love indie games, they dont have enough "power" to move millions of units. And I couldn't see any of the big publishers investing in something like that.

Amazon buying DH could just be so they have some 1st party devs to make cheap simple games, but I have the feeling they are going to try hard to be a budget box that is a hybrid between an oyua with no AAA games, and the xbone/ps4/wii u which is 80% AAA.

PsylentKiller1806d ago

Amazon and Valve moving into the console game is a good thing. They will push digital sales more than the big 3. This could mean more competitive prices for digital distribution. Plus, there are rumors of MS selling off the Xbox division. Amazon May be that buyer. They might take over the Xbox name or create their own console with the xbox team creating it and developing g for it.

If MS stays in the game and Amazon comes in, the market may get saturated or it may not. There could be room for a fourth player. If there isn't, then one of them will be squeezed out. And I don't think it would be Amazon. They know what they want and I don't think there looking to throw away there money. They see it as an investment as did MS but MS is slipping and Nintendo has been on the decline for a while now. So, it'll probably be Nintendo or Microsoft that get bumped out if not both of them if Amazon comes through with something other than an android console.

A LIVING LEGEND1806d ago (Edited 1806d ago )

Less is more in my opinion,the paints a little thin as it is,painting a bigger picture doesn't change that.
Besides,rumors of new consoles by Apple,Amazon,DeWalt,Nestle,Hei neken,etc are pretty common thsese days.

TheMadHatter1806d ago

lol Nestle making a console. That would be hilarious.