Everything in Moderation: Study of Violent Games’ Effects on Morality

GamerFitnation: The idea that violent games lead to violent teenagers and young adults has long persisted gaming history, and the topic has been discussed and researched extensively. A new study by Brock University takes a little more realistic look at the issue, focusing on the impact of violent games on empathy and morality.

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wls10121711d ago

I get way more angry playing side scrolling Mario games than I do COD or GTA,BUT THAT'S JUST ME.

dcj05241711d ago

I tried replaying SONIC 2 for the 6th time and I HATE ZONE 3 makes me wanna punch sonic in the face.

spartanlemur1711d ago

This academic paper proves nothing but a correlation between the playing of violent video games and lower scores in a morality test.
It does nothing to account for the possibility of reverse causality (bad parents who might neglect to pass on any morals to their kids are probably more likely to buy them GTA or CoD, which 15 and 35 of the 109 13-14yo kids played respectively) and even admits that further research must be done.
Furthermore, this paper doesn't even bother to show the questions used, perhaps to shield it from deserved critique?

All we can take from this paper is that there is probably a strong correlation between kids playing 18+ video games and not conforming to established ideas of morality. That isn't exactly surprising.

fredolopez1711d ago

I like the point you brought up with the parenting. I think it's a little bit of both the parents and the games that influence the teens/young adults.

GentlemenRUs1711d ago

They need to stop with all these BS studies...