Game sales to dip 20% in January on current-gen weakness - Wedbush

Wedbush is expecting hardware sales of 350,000 Xbox One units and 375,000 PS4 units in their third month of release, with the Wii U bringing up the rear at just 60,000 units (although that would still represent a five percent increase year-over-year).

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NYC_Gamer1714d ago

" Wii U bringing up the rear at just 60,000 units"

I really hope those low numbers aren't legit for the sake of Nintendo

TheEnigma3131714d ago

They are legit unfortunately.

xHeavYx1714d ago

Since "next-gen" consoles are already here, shouldn't we call those "current gen"? Shouldn't the PS3 and 360 be previous gen?

gaffyh1714d ago

@xHeavyx - This is why you should go buy gen numbers, 7th Gen = PS3, 360, 8th Gen = PS4, XB1
7.5 Gen = Wii U.

:p, sorry just had to.

VENOMACR12271713d ago

If Nintendo would go back to making an actual gaming machine, not Wii U or having to throw your hands around like your having a seizure, I think they would do well. N64, Gamecube, all did well and I enjoyed a lot of their games. But walk into GameStop, look at the used Wii games, and proceed to laugh. Get back to Mario, Zelda, DK, Metroid, all the originals.

I just don't think next gen has a place for Nintendo right now. It's MS and Sony territory right now (not counting handhelds).

WrAiTh Sp3cTr31713d ago

Nintendo will be alright they have 85 billion dollars to work with.

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ThePope1714d ago

Their struggling pretty hard. This reminds me of the Sega Saturn, when the PS1 launched.

Eonjay1714d ago

I honestly want to know if people think Donkey Kong is going to change this.

Loadedklip1714d ago

Since DK is 2D ... I doubt it will have that "MUST HAVE" feel to it for a lot of gamers. It's more of a game you get once you already have the system ... not a game you get a system for.

mydyingparadiselost1714d ago

Donkey Kong will not change this, nor will any other single game save for MAYBE SSB or Mario Kart. But Donkey Kong, Bayo, X, the previously mentioned games, some hopefully on the horizon Direct announcements and some decent indie support all together will hopefully at least help.

N4g_null1713d ago

I think it is the collection of games that will do it.

GordonKnight1713d ago

I don't think it's a system seller, but a must if you're a Wii U onwer.

Mario Kart 8 & Smash Bros are the console seller. I think if they opened up the VC library with N64 & GC games that would help a lot.

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ozstar1713d ago

"Current Gen Weakness"

Not "Wii U weakness".

Just to clarify that your quote is out of context crap as per usual.

Btw, if the PS4 and XBone were really successful, shouldn't they have taken up the slack from the drop in last gen console sales since Jan. 2013?

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Batnut001714d ago

Well January has been a bit of a slow month. Waiting to see how mid-feb to March look.

OrangePowerz1714d ago (Edited 1714d ago )

So Pachter makes his "predictions" based on NPD numbers he already got. Not hard to predict something if you have already a piece of paper that states the numbers.

January was very week with basically Tomb Raider being the only big release.

PS4 is supply constrained, but not the other next gen console.

Anon19741714d ago (Edited 1714d ago )

Whenever I read "Wedbush" now I instantly think "What's Pacther spouting off about this time?"

Seriously, that joker is doing nothing for their brand. I'm sure they have fine investment analysts working there but there's no doubt in my mind that their reputation has to have suffered overall within the investment community with Pacther's seemingly endless rantings. At some point you have to weigh the publicity they receive from this guy's babbling versus the damage it does to the reputation of the competent analysts you have working for you that do their jobs without making hit mongering statements meant to stir up controversy.

Loadedklip1714d ago

Disagree ... you are taking about Wedbush ... so clearly Pachter got them in your mind.

Anon19741714d ago

Sure there's some brand recognition there, but not in a good context. It's like saying "That Toyota commercial made you think of that terrible Toyota you once owned." The fact that the mere mention of "Wedbush" makes me think of an arrogant, out of touch attention monger isn't a good thing for the company, in my opinion. I'm retired from the brokerage industry now..but if I was still managing portfolios for my clients, the fact that I think of Pacther whenever a Wedbush-Morgan analyst report were to hit my desk isn't a good thing for the company or the value I would place on their research reports based on my negative opinion of that windbag.

Eonjay1714d ago

"This Thursday, The NPD Group will release its January 2014 video games sales report, which Wedbush Securities anticipates will reveal..."

So no they don't have it yet. They are predicting this Thursdays numbers. But this is good. I want to see just how accurate their predictions are.

OrangePowerz1713d ago

NPD will officially release the numbers on Thursday or to be more precise they will say who got first, second and third place since ypu have to pay now a fortune to get the actual numbers. I doubt a financial analyst company gets them on the same day they release them in general.

WeAreLegion1714d ago

I don't think those numbers are correct. The Wii U sold over 40,000 in one week and I doubt the numbers for the other two are that low, either.

kingdip901714d ago

Wait until people in the US start getting their tax refunds... hardware sales will jump up considerably

Eldyraen1714d ago

I've known a lot of people that do this.

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