Nintendo's Fake Empire

Maybe Nintendo’s downfall was always imminent?

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MsmackyM3154d ago (Edited 3154d ago )

Doomed since 1889. Sadly Nintendo is the only company actually has a future in video games. The PS4 sales numbers are great right now, and I really hope they continue to do so, but I doubt the PlayStation division alone is enough to keep Sony's crumbling empire afloat. Sony actually said they "needed" the PS4 to be successful.

Microsoft on the other hand have new leadership and the Xbox division has never made Microsoft any money, the board can't wait to cut out the tumor that is the Xbox. The Xbox businesses strategy appears to be; pay third party publishers alot of money to make games on our platform and give us early DLC.

NatureOfLogic3154d ago

Admittedly, they do look like the new sega, so third party Nintendo would last well into the future of gaming.

jcnba283154d ago

If anyone is looking like the new Sega these days it's Sony.

Nintendo have billions in reserves.

Chrischi19883154d ago

Lol, so people here actually believe, that the console division of Sony alone makes enough profit, to save sony as a whole?

I mean, Xbox360 was super successful, but it still didnt make any money for MS, so why should this be different?

Actually Nintendo is the only one, who always made enough money on its consoles. One year is not as it should and all the doom talk start.

I mean, the Gamecube, which failed in the eyes of a lot of people, made more money for Nintendo, than the Xbox 360 did for MS, but noone would say, that the Xbox360 is a failure. And why? Because people equal sales and owning the console, with the company having success with it, but that is not exactly the case.

RosweeSon3154d ago

Yeah bore off long live Nintendo, gaming would be Bland without them!

chrissx3154d ago

All gaming empires should pay tribute to ninty cus they have contributed a lot to gaming. Long live ninty!

windblowsagain3154d ago

There would still be a Nintendo, They should just stop making hardware and make software for all.

MS has given gaming nothing.

Chrischi19883154d ago

And what did Sony give us? If there were no Sony, we would have 1 system, with the best first party titles and the best third party titles, in a small console, so you can take it anywhere in your backpack, for a small price.

You all act like, because you own a sony console right now, as if Sony did change the industry back in the days...

Activemessiah3154d ago

This Wii U game is awesome... too bad i can't enjoy it because no one else bought it...


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