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Community2731d ago
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NYC_Gamer2731d ago

I don't expect WD to do good on Wii U since it's delayed and most would just opt to buy the game on the other platforms

-Foxtrot2731d ago ShowReplies(17)
Loadedklip2731d ago

It wasn't going to do well either way and you know it.

Let's keep it real.

Concertoine2731d ago

Hard to gauge how well a timely released, fully supported, technically well made game would do on the wii u at this point. Because there has literally never been one multiplat from 3rd parties fitting those qualifications.
If this made good use of the gamepad and filled all those voids? I would gladly buy it. I remember a poll on neogaf said the same thing... with more saying theyd buy a well made wii u version than ps4 version. If someone could link that poll thatd be cool.

SilentNegotiator2730d ago (Edited 2730d ago )

Chicken or the egg?

Nintendo fans claim that the lack of third party game purchases is because third parties don't give as much support, Third parties claim that they give less support because they don't buy them.

It certainly doesn't help that at the turn of the century, Nintendo created a console with tiny discs in a time when data contained in games was exploding and had a controller with one less button than the other two systems in a time when games were becoming more complicated. Then they came out with a completely non-traditional system that didn't suit most third parties. And most recently, in a time when power has been a constantly pushed issue by developers, they went half-cocked with the performance.

Nintendo hasn't done great by third parties in the last 13 years and third parties just don't seem motivated to create impressive games on Nintendo systems.

They're both to blame, but it's on Nintendo's head to fix the relationship between them and third parties because it's THEIR system that's going to fail if they don't.

LOL_WUT2730d ago

Meh i was going to get the WiiU version but this news has sold me on the ps4 version. The WiiU really is doing bad that even 3rd party devs are delaying games for the platform it wouldn't surprise me if it gets cancelled all together ;)

Spenok2731d ago

Yeah this is one of those games that they probably don't want to make on this platform because most people as you say would/will more than likely buy it on PS3/360 PS4/Xbone.

Don't get me wrong. This game will be fantastic on whatever platform you play it on. However I just don't thing the Wii Us user base is the type to pick up a game like this.

However I could easily be proven wrong. I hope it does do well on the Wii U. Something other than Nintendo games need to, otherwise we will continue to see less and less support for the system, effectively killing the system. I love Nintendo, and don't want to see them fail.

Good luck Nintendo/Ubisoft on this game!

Oner2730d ago

@Chrischi1988 you said

"Wii U Version will offer the best gameplay, because all the hacking, the viewing over cameras and all is done on the gamepad. It brings the most reality to the game, since Aiden is going to use a smartphone for hacking and watching thru cameras, they can perfectly uses his touchcontrolls for the controlls on the gamepad. The PS4 version is no different than the PS3 one, only with better graphics, but the Wii U version offers something totally different, something totally new and fresh, simply said the closest to reality experience, but I dont expect a known fanboy like you to understand that or answer that in a non fanboyish manner ;)"

Well then at that same token, couldn't the PS4 be the best overall (using your own example) as you should technically be able to use a PS Vita, Tablet or an ACTUAL cellphone as interfaces with the second screen options/capability within the PS4 already?

clouds52730d ago

PS vita only does remote play. You can mirror the game to it but not have a different image on it like wii u. People have to stop comparing vita and wii u. It's a different concept...
And using a tablet or smartphone yeah but have fun switching between your phone and gamepad all the time. With wiiu the 2nd screen is in the perfect spot because it was designed to do exactly that. Everything else is a workaround imho.

It's just sad that people are too narrow minded to see what the wii u can offer in terms of gameplay... Wii U version of Watchdogs will be the best one indeed especially in terms of gameplay and immersion (graphically it will be between ps3 and ps4 as stated by ubisoft).
But it could also very well be the last game ubisoft ever releases for wii u.

Neonridr2730d ago

No, why would Ubisoft implement all these features so that like 10% of PS4 owners could take advantage of it. EVERYONE has a gamepad with the Wii U version, hardly anyone has a Vita who has the PS4. Too much time, money and effort wasted to implement techniques that nobody can utilize on the PS4 version.

In theory, yes it would work the same way though.

Oner2729d ago (Edited 2729d ago )

@clouds5 ~ Just because the Vita can do remote play does NOT in any way mean it can ONLY do so. Remember, the Vita utilizes wireless technology just as the WiiU's controller capability does to offer the exact same idea implementation as the WiiU's version. I will admit that I am unsure if the same can be said about a Tablet or a touch capable Cell phone)....which that leads me into Neonridr's comment.

I'm not sure where you got that 10% Vita number (as it's more like 60% ~ But more to your overall point though ~ I quite honestly do understand (and actually agree to an extent) that Ubisofts implementation of it might not have been ultimately worth it for them at the time of dev'ing. THOUGH that does not mean it can't technically be capable of offering the same experience if they wanted to implement. Maybe as some form of DLC possibly?

Magicite2730d ago

3rd party titles are not doing particularly well on WiiU compared to other platforms.

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bumnut2731d ago

Delayed because its low priority? or so they can make good use of the wii u controller?


cleft52731d ago

More like they want to wait until the heavy hitters for the WiiU comes out and moves more consoles and they are probably hoping for a price drop on the console. With the new changes coming to the WiiU it makes sense to delay. I am just glad they haven't outright canceled the game.

pootymcpoockle2731d ago

@cleft5 Iwata has confirmed that there'll be no price drop till March 2015 at the earliest.

lizard812882730d ago


It's funny because then if they wait for the heavy hitters, nobody is going to by it...Just like with Rayman. They wait until a Mario game (along with other huge games) comes out and guess which sold more, a Mario game or Rayman...

Sometimes I don't know what pubs are thinking. Then they complain nobody buys their games on the wiiu.

If I have a choice ONLY between Smash Bros For or Watch_Dogs, WD is going to get passed up.

deafdani2731d ago

*prepares pop corn*

'Dis gun' be good.

stragomccloud2731d ago

You called it. The trolls and the fans had a mighty battle, indeed.

LOL_WUT2730d ago

For a fanboy you seem pretty ok with this hopefully Nintendo can step in otherwise this would just be another blow for the WiiU ;)

stragomccloud2730d ago

I'm not a fanboy. I'm a PC gamer first, and a console gamer second. Though I own all of the consoles as well. Except for the newest PS4 and Xbox one.

I just jump in whenever I think people are spreading misinformation or stupidity. Nintendo has been getting a little bit less of it over the past week or so, so I've had to start defending the Xbox one from time to time too.

I just want gamers to stop arguing about stupid things like specs(which for me is ironic because of how Sony fanboys complain about the "weak" specs of the Wii U, even though compared to most gaming PCs, PS4 is a joke too.), and enjoy games and experiences. Then share those experiences in a more positive way. I'm pretty ashamed of how jaded and poisoned the gaming community has become.

RPG_Lover2731d ago

But it will still come out

AsimLeonheart2731d ago

I do not think so. There is no release date for the Wii U version and there hasnt been a single piece of footage shown from the Wii U version. It is essentially a vaporware. If the game performs below expectations on other platforms or Wii U sales do not pick up then it is as good as cancelled.

Metallox2730d ago

The absence of footage of the Wii U version may not be a reason at all. We don't have any fotage of the PS3 and 360 versions either. ALthough I don't deny the fact that there are chances of the cancellation of the game on Wii U.

Muffins12232731d ago

Ha that's whats Nintendo is saying right now,"Dont worry,you'll get your ugly version of watch dogs 6 months after the ps4 launch"

Starbucks_Fan2731d ago

I wonder if this will affect sales

Loadedklip2731d ago

Yes ... instead of 230k ... it will sell 200k.

Muffins12232730d ago (Edited 2730d ago )


Instead of 10 itll get 9