EA to make as many fighters as they can before release of EA Sports UFC

Gamereactor's very own UFC nut, Thomas Blichfeldt, recently pinned down the game's creative director, Brian Hayes, and found out more about the new fighter coming to Xbox One and PlayStation 4.

During the interview the pair discussed a variety of fight related subjects, including the online features coming in the game, but it was what Hayes said about the roster, and the process behind character creation, that was possibly most interesting.

"One of the big things that we're trying to do on EA Sports UFC is really create athletes in the game that are the most realistic, most lifelike characters you've ever seen in a video game," Hayes told us. "And so one of the things that we've been faced with right now is that, you know compared to a game like Fight Night Champion - which was the last fighting game I worked on, that had, if I may say so myself, pretty decent characters, you know very highly rated from a visual standpoint - the quality we're delivering with these characters, it takes us more than twice as long to create a guy for UFC as it took us to create a guy for a game like Fight Night Champion. Just with the amount of visual detail, like geometric detail, like the animation rig, the facial animation rig, the secondary animation rig, the physics, collision volumes.... there's so much that goes into it."

Hayes then continued: "So basically, our approach to the roster was; we know when we have to finish the game, we're going to make as many guys as we can up until that and that's what the roster will end up being. We have been sort of 'dinged' just a couple of times where we had a guy made already and then he got released by the UFC, and we were like ‘ohhhh, I wish we hadn't have made him.'"

"But we do obviously have the ability to do future expansions, and add new guys to roster down the road, but it's actually our goal from the get-go has been to make the most realistic characters as we can, and make as many of them as we can before we have to put a bow on this one and push it out the door," the game's creative director concluded.

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jlo1710d ago

...except that they'll cost $5 a pair to unlock, after the initial 12 that you get with the game

brish1710d ago

Unlock? You're thinking capcom.

This is EA!

EA cuts content from the game to sell it do you as DLC. So you have to pay for the fighters and download them.

To connect online will require renting servers otherwise you'll have to wait forever to play.

Each fighter will come with special moves that are unlockable via microtransactions.

... and most importantly the game won't work on release.

Maybe i'm cynical but I've noticed a pattern with EA games on release.

I really hope i'm wrong.

pompombrum1710d ago

You forgot you'll have to also pay for a premium membership to get 14 days exclusive access to the DLC characters too!

SteamPowered1710d ago

I don't care if this game has Andre the giant. They better nail the control scheme or it won't matter who is on the roster. Ditch the undisputed 3 format altogether. Think, fight night round 3.

MasterD9191709d ago

Warm up the season pass sign.