Going toe-to-toe in EA Sports UFC - BT Games

Spending some time with the mixed martial arts powerhouse’s official tie-in, BT Games finds a brutal-yet-beautiful take on one of the world’s most exciting sports.

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SteamPowered1709d ago

"Blocks and counters are a simple up/down, left/right system to move against your opponent, while submissions are a cat-and-mouse on-screen exercise in judicious use of the right and left sticks (right for the defender, left for the attacker)."
Thats it!! Hype is over!! They kept that Stupid Cat n Mouse thing for submissions for this next game. Absolutely ridiculous. That stupid system is what made me give up on Undisputed 3. Ditch it and go back to button smashing or Analog busting. Maybe you will get a chance to actually finish a submission.

Clover9041709d ago

Read the ign article before you pop a blood vessel. Submissions are nothing like Undisputed 3.

SteamPowered1709d ago

This article pretty much confirmed the submission game is the same as undisputed 3.