New Square Enix Trademark Could Hint at a Dragon Quest Localization

Square Enix recently trademarked "Luminaries of the Legendary Line" in the United States is likely a title for a game in the Dragon Quest series.

If it is for Dragon Quest, the name could refer to one of many Dragon Quest games currently only out in Japan, such as Dragon Quest X on Wii and Wii U, the 3DS remakes of Dragon Quest VII and Dragon Quest Monsters 1 and 2, or the iOS/Android ports of Dragon Quest games. Siliconera posits that the subtitle likely best fits the story of Dragon Quest III, which means that phone ports could be the most likely option.

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princejb1341764d ago

Is that really a dragon quest picture?
Looks like gohan from dragonball z

Lord_Sloth1764d ago

Toriyama Akira does the character art and designs for Dragon Quest.

xX-StolenSoul-Xx1764d ago

Okay, that makes a whole lot of sense. I was baffled.

xX-StolenSoul-Xx1764d ago

It does look like a Dragon Ball Z picture, just look at the dragon in the back. That or the art styles are extremely similar.

nope1111764d ago

Stupid phone ports incoming.......

Last_Boss1764d ago

Bring the new DQ to the Vita. I'm not hating on the 3DS, just would like to see a new game on it.

I still need to snag my BD CE, on 3DS.

FamilyGuy1764d ago

What a lazy artist, using the exact same basic character design like that is confusing. You could literally title that picture Dragon Ball Battle of the _______ and people would believe it was a Dragon ball movie.