PlayStation Plus: Payday 2 Free for Members

Posted by Kristine Steimer // Sr. Community Specialist -

Heads up, PlayStation Plus members. It’s time for some serious shenanigans – Payday 2 is coming to the Instant Game Collection tomorrow. Team up with your friends to pull off a variety of heists, like robbing a convenience store or taking down a major bank vault. Completing these virtual crimes will net you both experience points to build out your character’s skill tree and cash to purchase new weapons and other goodies. For PS Vita owners, our final PS Vita PLAY title, TxK, will be available tomorrow at a discounted rate.

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WeAreLegion1710d ago

Such a great game. I already have it, but I highly recommend downloading it to any Plus members or anyone else, really. I have it for PS3 and PC. Great series.

3-4-51710d ago

Played it solo, bought it on steam sale.

Wasn't that into it but with friends playing along with, it could potentially be a ton of fun.

respekanize911710d ago

thats what nice about it being free, all you have to do to convince your friends to play is hit DL in the PS store and go make dinner.

Another reason not to trade your ps3 in

LordMaim1710d ago

Absolutely, it really shines when you have a full team. Solo it's pretty pointless, but with a competent crew you can have a ton of fun. So many approaches to each job that it keeps it fresh, plus there's always subtle differences to map layouts and AI paths which keeps you on your toes and simulates those situations when sometimes things go sideways on a job.

nope1111710d ago (Edited 1710d ago )

is it really that good? i found the first one incredibly repetitive so i ignored the sequel.

Joey_Leone1710d ago

That's the power of Sony.

respekanize911710d ago

Bought the first game, thought it was a good concept..waited on this due to the backlog when it dropped...glad its free so i can play it in spurts and not feel like money is sitting on my shelf..

N81710d ago

Great I just got my gold headset too

NeoTribe1710d ago

Its out? I got mine on amazon in pre order status still.

N81710d ago

I had mine on amazon to on preorder but I canceled because they have them at best buy. There where like 5 of them . dont wait! Go to best buy and get them

cell9891710d ago

I really want to try out this game, seems like an awesome concept, I hope the execution is just as good

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The story is too old to be commented.