In Defense Of Sony’s Playstation Plus Service

Skewed and Reviewed have posted an opinion piece looking at the Playstation Plus service by Sony. At first they were unhappy with Sony's decision to charge for online access for the new Playstation 4 system but have tempered their issues thanks to the quality of the free games that have been offered each month.

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Kingthrash3601801d ago (Edited 1801d ago )

no need to defend the greatest service in gameing.
the only gripe is having too many game to play...i own a ps4,ps3,psv and have games i havent played yet. i own them but just so much giving with the service i can barley play them all.
its just awsome to feel like its my birthday every tuesday.

Garethvk1801d ago

True but I think you can see my point. I was at first not thrilled that they decided to charge for the PS 4 when they had not, and continue to not do so for the PS 3. But when they are offering quality games each month, it more than helps. While we would likely have been given a review code/copy for Outlast, having it free allows the entire staff who have PS 4s to play.

kazuma9991800d ago

More money = better PS4 experience.

GribbleGrunger1801d ago (Edited 1801d ago )

'In defence'? Defending it from what exactly? Over saturation of AAA titles and not enough space on your HDD to store it all?

Garethvk1800d ago

500GB is a decent amount of space and I always delete games when I am done playing them so I have not had any space issues of yet. Plus the last I checked, they are not forcing people to download or keep any games that they do not wish to.

GribbleGrunger1800d ago (Edited 1800d ago )

I delete games after I've finished them too. If I want to play them again, I'll just download them again but that's not happened yet because there's just too many games to play.

Garethvk1800d ago

I think for me still I would like Sony to come out and tell us a clear path and plan of action for the service. We charge you the fee due to this, we will be adding this in the future etc. They have millions of PS 3 units and thousands of games that they are allowing users to play for free on so it has to be more than server and bandwidth issues otherwise they would make PS 3 users pay and if it is all about the games, then why have it? PS 3 users can play for free and not have free games or they can join and get the games.

duffster1800d ago

The decision to require membership for multi-player must surely be pure revenue generation and increasing the membership figures. This is not necessarily a bad thing as it allows them to pay for the free titles and is prehaps recognition that developing a title for ps4 may be more expensive.
Given the strong value of the package, (especially for those with all three sony systems), I'm not minded to complain! However, I agree it would be interesting to sit down and talk to an exec about their 'vision' for how the service will develop and improve in the future

Garethvk1800d ago

Exactly. Let us hear things like we will not raise the price after the first year or two, that PS 3 and Vita people will not have to pay down the road. Let us hear about deals cut with developers to make titles available on the service after a certain point. I know the argument of well this will stop people buying games if they know they are coming but to me that is a moot point. They used to charge $89.99 for most movies when they came on VHS. The argument was if they were cheaper then nobody would want to see them in the cinema and the video stores would not buy as many so we need to protect the price. Then we saw DVDs and Blu-rays come out cheaper and that became the standard. Now we hear well people are not going to the cinema as much as consumers are waiting for DVD, Netflix, and Redbox. The studios are still getting paid. If a person wants it now they go to the cinema, if they do not, they wait. In some cases they do both, so bottom line, the game companies will be paid.