Opinion: 5 Things I Want to See on Wii U

Posted by Sean Smith

It hasn’t sold like Nintendo may have hoped, but for many folk – and I include myself in this – the Wii U remains under the telly as it fights valiantly against the twin threat of Xbox One and PS4. Although it couldn’t hope to compete with the exceptional slew of 3DS games that dropped in 2013, don’t sleep on some of the Wii U bangers that did show their glorious HD Ninty faces. All-new Mario (with cat suit!) was every bit as magical as we hoped, Pikmin was utterly “Squeeee!”-inducing charming, and The Wonderful 101 appealed to the hardcore, Viewtiful Joe-loving NTSC-J fan in us all.

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WeAreLegion1763d ago

Pokemon Snap 2 would sell like crack on this thing. Just saying...

thezeldadoth1763d ago (Edited 1763d ago )

i'd buy ANY console for that game. It'd be interesting if they did a kickstarter for it. I think it'd raise millions.

ifrit_caress1763d ago

Isn't there a Borderlands 2 game on the Wii U? Does that not count as an RPG with its character growth element?

On another note, I'd like to read 5 things NINTENDO needs to do with the Wii U. Give us that article, Mr Sean Smith.

Myst1763d ago

I agree with these a couple of things I always thought would make the WiiU more appealing is an interesting way in which the gamepad could be used. I would even settle for some Milton Bradley board games like Battleship, Life, etc. Heck they could perhaps even put several board games onto one disc and sell it for 50-60 dollars; add it online play and I'm sure a lot of people would get it. I know I would!

fredolopez1763d ago

I would love everything from Borderlands 2, to a built in DVD player on the Wii U.

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