Black Ops Player Sings Fix You During Game, Another Player Adds Instrumentals

The video is not as annoying as it sounds. I know seeing the words "CoD player" and "singing" might send a shrivel down your back but this video is surprisingly nice. The first thing you'd picture is some whiny, pasted faced teenager signing off-key into a crappy mic but that is not the case here.

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HebrewHammer2807d ago

Well this is... different.

cyguration2807d ago

"I'm going to stop watching this video... but dat voice..."

FamilyGuy2807d ago

Wtf is with you guys?

1. he does NOT sound good lol
2. It sound like Micheal Cera
3. How is this gaming news?

Again wtf? lol

BattleTorn2807d ago (Edited 2807d ago )

What are you talking about?

The fact that he sang practically the whole song, and it matched up with the instrumentals fairly well - all while a COD match - is priceless.

I'd say it's not newsworthy if it had not been so obviously genuine.

FamilyGuy2807d ago

It's pretty obvious that the song is playing in his background, that's why he's able to stay in sync with the pace of the instrumentals. We just can't hear the song because it's probably further from the mic +/background noise cancelling mic.

I'm just saying from the comments here you'd think the guy was going to be amazing, like the first few comments have over hyped it.

BattleTorn2807d ago

LMAO - the guy definitely could've been far worse on tune and timing!

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