Team17 announces Worms Battlegrounds for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One

Team17 has unveiled plans to release their first PlayStation 4 and Xbox One title, Worms Battlegrounds. "The veteran independent British publisher is proud to see its award-winning franchise make its debut on the next generation of consoles, having seen it already appear on over twenty-five other platforms since its introduction back in 1995." said Team17 in a press release.

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SLUG1710d ago

yes cant wait for this worms are the best 2d games out their hear comes the worms

malokevi1710d ago cheese, or not to cheese?!

-Foxtrot1710d ago

I really want them to do another 3D Worms game like Worms 4....that was amazing

Worms 5 please Team 17

The Meerkat1710d ago

Team 17 got milk.

Stop with the Worms and give us a new Project-X

InMyOpinion1710d ago

Or Cannon Fodder. Or anything else than Worms. It was awesome 10 years ago but now they are just churning out the same game over and over.

darksky1710d ago

They must be selling alot of copies if they keep making them.

MrDead1710d ago

Cannon Fodder was Sensible Software, but a new one would be awesome.

InMyOpinion1710d ago

@MrDead - You are right. My mistake! Sensible World of Soccer on the Amiga 500. Brings back fantastic memories :)

MrDead1709d ago

Sensible World of Soccer, still the best fooball game ever made.

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XiSasukeUchiha1710d ago

Yep another good game is coming:)

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