Professional gaming - A legitimate 'sport' or a way to push products?

The rise of professional gaming in the last decade has ascending in popularity at a rapid rate. What was once essentially a LAN party between a few hand picked elite players is now a global sensation. The land of opportunity and stardom is now presenting itself more than ever, with amateur players with dreams and aspirations completely hooked by the ‘sport’ that is gaming. The amount of fans and players shouldn’t be underestimated, this is no longer something nerds do when they should be doing more constructive with their lives. It is now a mainstream and socially accepted profession, with world championships and regular tournaments running globally. The rise is mainly due to sponsorship, more money has been invested and so it can reach out to a bigger audience. The big question is are the worlds gaming elite simply a marketing tool applied by some of the big accessory and game companies?

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Christopher1713d ago

Everything is about money. Everything.

hellzsupernova1713d ago

And how is it any different to "real" sport look at any team how many sponsors are plastered all over them. The advertising on the stadium the advertising during the ad breaks

There is no difference, and someone has to supply the winners the money and prizes

ziggurcat1713d ago

Definitely not a sport.

BranWheatKillah1713d ago

Actual sports. Legitimate "sports" or a way to push products?

What an idiotic article.

Boody-Bandit1713d ago

It's definitely not a sport.
Nor do I see it as a way to push a product.
So I'm going to go with neither.

glopez1713d ago

Definitely not a sport. Every time I see this debate I picture revenge of the nerds.

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The story is too old to be commented.