Bungie Congratulates Clify. B and Epic on Gears Of War!

In Bungies latest weekly update Bungie offered their congrats to fellow Game Epic a well as Rare!

"Congrats to Cliffy B and OF COURSE the rest of the team at Epic for the launch of Gears of War. The game is full of amazing art, music, audio and gameplay. A bunch of us have been getting together at night for some curb-stomping, chainsaw-wielding action. It's a violent, gory blast and is apparently the only thing folks on my Friends List are playing. And congrats to rare for busting out Viva Pinata. I won't be playing it myself, because it's for kids, so if you see someone with my Gamertag playing hours of Viva Piñata, then that's erm, my nephew Arvin".

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SweGoliath4452d ago

Clify. B and Epic should feel VEREY proud right now... they have been Congratulated my Bungie, the game makers that have made the biggest and best all world selling game to xbox and now 360.
¤ me it is a big opertunity i think ( sry my spelling) ,,, think about it ( it wont happend , but think about it) ,,, what if bungie and Epic go to gether ;) heheh ,,, but i say agein ,,GRATZ to Clify and Epic 4 a game that is now going in to the epic....

Gh0stDrag0n4451d ago

Just stay in school and don't do drugs, You'll get better the more you post.

BIadestarX4451d ago

mmmm... who's comments should be taking more seriously Bungie or EA? I'm sure Sony's fanboys will not be using this, to say Gears sucks the same way they did with EA comments.

THAMMER14451d ago

Your right homeboy. But you know that Sony fans are more delusional than 95 year old crack addicts. It is simple to gamers though you buy a console that has the games.

A friend of mine I see like once ever 6 months or so was slamming Xbox hard core 2 days ago. And I was going to shut him down. But I though about the type of gamer he was and there was no need because he is totally ignorant. He only plays Horse racing games, Poker games, and golf games. You can do that on a $200.00 PC. I asked him what games has he played on Xbox he said "None but he hates games with aliens." My brother and me looked at each other and laughed until asked us to play horse racing and we just was like no thank you and bounced out.

I hope H3 is as much of a stand out or more than GOW.

Silver3604451d ago

Says Halo 3 Is so good looking a year out(still not polished and frame rate is low) you willl forget GOW almost instantly. So be Happy next November the mission will be finished.

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The story is too old to be commented.