PSN EU February Price Cuts

This is just getting silly,there are even more savings to be made this month on the PlayStation store, check out a whole bunch of games at a discounted price.

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My_precious1714d ago

NA or EU?

i hate when ppl do a list of PS+ but never write NA or EU in the OT

oblivion1714d ago

"PSN EU February Price Cuts" is right on the top of the site..

My_precious1714d ago

it isnt "right on top of the site" by the time i post mine, they are just edited it

boeso1714d ago

Do not buy Spelunky...its impossibly hard.

GentlemenRUs1714d ago

That's what I love about a platformer!

boeso1714d ago

It is a great game, just makes you really ANGRY all the time.

DigitalRaptor1714d ago

You can't stop me from buying it.

It's on sale, it's cross-buy and it's classic platformer greatness. These kind of games should be bloody challenging.