Worms Coming to Xbox One as Part of [email protected] Program

Phil Spencer has revealed details regarding two of the first [email protected] releases to hit Xbox One, and they include a Worms game and the new title from the creators of A Kingdom for Keflings

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malokevi1711d ago

Really happy for this. Armageddon and Revolution are two of my most played 360 games. I was expecting them to announce they were porting over Clan Wars when I heard the news this morning, but a brand new next-gen worms game? Color me excited! day 1 for me.

NeoTribe1711d ago

No kidding, this is amazing news. Can never get enough worms.

SegaGamer1711d ago

Same here. I don't think i have had more fun playing multiplayer on any other game. Worms is just so fun to play, i never get bored of it.

MetaReapre1711d ago

Thats great news! Love it!

Starbucks_Fan1711d ago

Awesome! Love playing this with my friends.