PS Vita Slim: Sony's last chance of handheld success?

PSU's Mike Harradence writes: ''PlayStation Vita has had a rough ride of it since launching in December 2011. Sure, we as PlayStation and gaming aficionados know that it’s a great piece of kit, providing console-quality gaming on the go and a host of other great features under the hood to boot...''

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wonderfulmonkeyman1763d ago

Sad to say that I'm still not interested.
Not because of the size or the difference in the type of screen [both of which are not issues] but the fact that I just don't want any of its games badly enough to invest. [take note that that's not the same as saying that it has no good games at all.]
I dunno how much it's going for, but if it's not under $100, I likely wouldn't bother with it even if it had one game that caught and held my interest.