How to unlock the F2000 in Battlefield 4 - Express Train Assignment

Here is how you can earn the new F2000 assault rifle in Battlefield 4 Second Assault with the express train assignment. The F2000 is a fully modular, completely ambidextrous assault rifle. Its modules can be changed without the aid of tools making it very versatile.

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malokevi1710d ago

Far and away my favorite gun in the game. Ever since I started using it about 2 months ago, I haven't put it down. Got an F2000 battle pack the other day, full of scopes and fun things. Great gun, Assault Class darling.

Elit3Nick1710d ago

Same for me :), it's versatile for everything, it doesn't kick to much for longer ranges to be difficult

VENOMACR12271710d ago

Wish I didn't have to buy the Second Assault content for this gun. It's really the only DLC gun I want.

goshawker1709d ago

Dude's got serious women issues.