WTF Is Wrong With Warner Bros Montreal? DLC Over A Broken Game? Really?!

An opinion piece via EGMR in which the author has a rant about Warner Bros Montreal and their decision to put out new DLC for Batman: Arkham Origins rather than fixing the game.

Quote: "You do not release DLC for your games when they are not completely functional, you fucking ingrates. You do not ask us to pay you even more money when you’ve not fully earned the money that we’ve already paid you. I know of a few people who’ve reached impasses in the game and therefore cannot continue any further, because of this, that or the other glitch. They’ve paid for a game that they cannot play to completion. "

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-Foxtrot1712d ago

You cant make money off patches

iMaim1712d ago

Yeah, how dare developers not invest time and effort into fixing game breaking issues!

speedforce1311712d ago

For a multiplatform game like Batman:AO, it'll cost upwards of 40,000 dollars to roll out patches on all platforms. At this point you might as well chalk it up as a loss, sell the DLC which is guaranteed to generate money, and then pay for the final patch depending on how it performs.

ded10201712d ago

@ speedforce

I really like batman games and would get the next but at this point, I'll chalk it up to a loss.

xander707691712d ago

@ Speedforce

I thought patches on last gen systems are now free? I don't think Microsoft or Sony charge for 360 or ps3 patches anymore.

3-4-51712d ago

Imagine if your tires fell off your car when you drive it off the lot ?

It's supposed to worth 100% efficiently.

micx1712d ago

We should adress the same question to a lot of other publishers/developers too, mainly EA.

BlackWolf1712d ago

Where is the money? In the DLC or the patch? Yep, that's their reasoning.

NYC_Gamer1712d ago

The big question is will gamers sit back and allow this to happen?

Ace Killa 081712d ago

Depending on the game and the fan base behind it.

In this case I do believe the game will stay broken as the developers themselves don't even care about the fan base. A lot of crappy games sell broken and stay broken due to cheap support from the devs. In this case WB Montreal is a cheap a hole that rather make a $15 bucks in DLC ($10?? price check).

aviator1891712d ago

I'm disappointed as well.
I don't have the game, but was planning on getting it soon. Now? Not so much anymore. DLC is fine and all (I buy it for the majority of the games that I like to play often), but when dlc is prioritized over first fixing a game, that's when I get annoyed.

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The story is too old to be commented.