Flappy Bird-Laden Devices Selling for $80,500 Online, Creator Receives Threats for Pulling Game

People are selling their phones with Flappy Bird pre-installed for insane prices online, while creator Dong Nguyen gets bombarded with death threats online.

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jimbobwahey1764d ago

Everything about this game and the person who made it is both hilarious and pathetic.

iGAM3R-VIII1764d ago

I was thinking about it and it is probably a publicity stunt because it makes the people who haven't downloaded it rush to get it which generates even more revenue. It's a smart move but a foolish move.

Bimkoblerutso1764d ago

I think the reaction of the general public has been more pathetic than anything.

It's very revealing of how ridiuclous the mobile gaming market is.

kevnb1764d ago (Edited 1764d ago )

The market, or just people in general?

3-4-51764d ago

Some people don't care about quality

mdluffy1764d ago

Getting "death threats" because he took his creation offline is very sad.
But I don't get why this game is getting so much attention, it isn't all that good.

pwnsause_returns1764d ago

the people writing these death threats for this game must have an iq below 1, i mean if these are the types of games they play, then i fear for the games industry and the developers who are forced to make these types of games for these goons...

MegaRay1764d ago

I am selling my ipad right now, or better ill buy ipad, download the game (jealbreaking -> Torrent) then sell it 3x the orginal price, no seriously theres alot of dumb people.

BlackWolf1764d ago

Death threats? What is wrong with people?

GadgetGooch1764d ago

Some people can't see the difference between reality and flappy bird...

Sanquine901764d ago

Uugh! A mediocre Iphone/Andriod game... Death threats seriously? Bl**dy casuals ... Was this close throwing someone's phone out of the train because i heard that sound over and over again. Luckily i give the guy a push and his streak was over :D

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The story is too old to be commented.