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Editor Joe Morgan writes,

"Ah, Tamriel. Lands rich with lush, vibrant flora, diverse, deadly fauna, and a wide range of sentient races, each with their own worldviews and problems. From heavily populated metropolises to dark, ancient dungeons and beyond, through tales of heroism and intrigue, the world of The Elder Scrolls has long captured the imagination of fans.

In recent years, those fans, many of whom have poured hundreds of hours over multiple games into Bethesda’s fantasy universe, have begun to question whether a multiplayer mod could be released for the enormous single-player games. Bethesda’s answer was The Elder Scrolls Online, an MMORPG set in Tamriel. I recently had an opportunity to take part in the game’s Beta."

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koga881714d ago

The last time I really looked close at gameplay for this was about a year ago now so I'm really glad that it has been polished up a lot from what it once was. Might be tempted to pick it up once it is released on the next-gen consoles, since my PC is pretty shitty for something like this.

Tru_Blu1714d ago

NO! It's bad enough almost every dev now cuts out stuff to sell as DLC but if a game that is priced $60 AND makes you pay a monthly fee works it will be the death of gaming as we know it.

koga881714d ago

Almost every MMO requires an initial price to pay when you start up. FFXIV:ARR does, even WoW still does unless you want to remain at level 20, though I haven't really kept up with that game. Sure free to play MMOs are fine but sometimes you need quality and need to pay a bit for it.

rdgneoz31714d ago

@koga88 WoW and ARR do not lock one of the races behind a Collector's edition paywall...

mewhy321714d ago

paying full price and then have to pay a subscription is stupid. Pass.

MajorGecko1714d ago

Heres a Beta key for Elder Scrolls Online first come first serve!!!



sinspirit1714d ago

I played it a couple weeks ago and this weekend and I just find it boring and it feels weird to play it. The starting area I find really bad.