The LEGO Movie Videogame will steal the whole family's heart

Gamers and block building fanatics can finally join minds by stepping into the world of LEGO with The LEGO Movie Videogame - and according to critics, The LEGO Movie Videogame is "Finally, a film tie-in that works". So draw up those building plans, gather the family and set out on an innovative adventure.

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Choc_Salties1712d ago

Looks like something I could get behind...

DesVader1712d ago

Its amazing how this franchise has clawed its way back from near bankruptcy to such an amazing, well recognised brand that is doing so well across a variety of mediums - games, physical product and now movies! Well done, Lego. We <3 you!

HanCilliers1712d ago

This is a must play with your kids

Ultr1712d ago

Anybody knows if its 2player co-op or 4player?

HanCilliers1712d ago

"there will be 2 player local co-op, but this time there is a chance that the game will also be co-operative online!"