OUYA Gets $30 Coupon For Base 8GB Unit

Hardcore Gamer: We love the OUYA here at Hardcore Gamer. It’s a frequent topic of discussion on the podcast, largely because I refuse to shut up about how much fun I’ve had with it over the past 10 months.

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admiralvic1805d ago

I read the title and thought it was a coupon that made the Ouya cost $30 dollars. Sad to see it only takes $30 dollars off, though even at $30 it's a hard sell...

MegaRay1805d ago

"We love the ouya"
*roll eyes"

joeorc1805d ago

wow not many people it seems know what's inside the OUYA hardware wise, which is not a shocker to me because many it seems do not know very much about the mobile smartphone and tablet chipsets. to put this in perspective

the Hardware that is inside the OUYA Is on = level with the Asus Transformer Prime! a $700.00 Laptop/tablet. Now the main thing is the Asus has the camera's the screen and the higher number of onboard storage and slightly higher system ram. but the chipset's the CPU and GPU are the same! so getting Hardware that is that cheap is not a bad price at all since for one it has the hardware strong enough to play or run every APK that is on the google playstore! you have to root the OUYA or cloud store your APK's on google drive or drop box to get those Apk's on the OUYA or SD Card transfer of the Apk's. but still its not hard to do.

Hell it runs GTA III, Vice city and SA all three with better resolution and framrates than even the PS2 or the 1st xbox can run those. on a micro-console for $70.00 is not a bad price at all. not just for those game's but also xbmc BY ITSELF. I Have two of these OUYA's myself, and despite what many say they are really a good system, now are they as good as the big three systems, no but as an alternative system for quick gaming for low cost with over all good hardware for the money yes!

Like i said the hardware inside the OUYA is strong enough to run every APK that is on the Google Playstore so among smartphones and tablets ITS A RATHER HIGH END DEVICE! its Hardware is far from weak, its a Tegra T33 chipset, that's just not an entry Tegra 3 its a top of the line Tegra 3 right before the Tegra 4! which both can still run every game and Apk on the google play store.