Persona 5: What Should Atlus Do?

What should Atlus do with the upcoming Persona 5 title? My thoughts will be shared in the article that is included within this piece.

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Last_Boss1715d ago

Do a persona, where the kids are in college, but the campus is on a large secluded island.

dedicatedtogamers1715d ago

I would like it if they returned to the more zany, brooding tone and theme of earlier games in the series like Persona 2 EP/IS. Those games still had off-the-wall moments like in P3 and P4, but they were also far more serious.

ninjahunter1715d ago

Reduce the grinding time. When I went from Persona 4 to persona 3 it almost felt unbearable. Other than that Atlus has got some smart people floating around, it would be pretentious to assume that some idea I come up with in 10 seconds would be valid to a team thats so in depth.