Police-themed 'Battlefield' could be a game changer

Polygon reported on rumors that Visceral Studios is working on a police-themed Battlefield game. Such a radical change could be what the series needs to rejuvenate itself and maybe revamp the shooter genre.

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stanr1764d ago

Could a police-themed Battlefield game change the shooter genre?

Derekvinyard131764d ago

They need to make good police games again, true crime series was fun, just orderd sleeping dogs on amazon for $10 hopefully that's good. But there's still potential in that genre

snipab8t1763d ago

Dude SWAT 4 was a sick police themed game, you should check it out if you haven't already.

erathaol1763d ago (Edited 1763d ago )

I honestly wish that the would write the single player with the humor of Bad Company, sort of like Hot Fuzz/Rush Hour 2.

"Holy Mother of God, did that criminal hijack a tank?!"

"I believe so Chief"

ZodTheRipper1763d ago

I would hope for an open world police game ...get random emergency calls, drive to crime scenes, car chases, tactical (gun-)fights, arresting criminals. But I guess this will be just BF4 with cops :/

Septic1763d ago

I'm thinking more along the lines of SWAT and the old Rainbow 6 games.

More focus on realistic gunplay.

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hellzsupernova1763d ago


Does anyone remember police quest? Hilarious game, that became swat and i thought by the picture this could be another swat game. I wouldnt mind another swat game with real tactics and situations etc like the old socom games. whatever happened to us core gamers? when did we stop being the target audience? it saddens me!

Irishguy951764d ago (Edited 1764d ago )

Police versus Russia? Whatever floats your boat.

Swat 4 was VERY OK. Do recommend it

stanr1764d ago

I was thinking of SWAT vs. street gangs or drug cartels, but going against the Russian mafia or terrorist might also be fun

snipab8t1763d ago

Dude SWAT 4 was awesome, one of my favourite old (ish) games.

ironfist921763d ago

So basically America versus Foreigners again?

MysticStrummer1763d ago

They could always have different skins to represent the various police departments from wherever the maps are set. They could incorporate each city's real architecture into the level design, or even go so far as to recreate real sections. The crooks could be customizable with stuff you unlock as you level up. I think this is a great idea. I wonder if they'd keep the high player count.

mhunterjr1764d ago

I have little faith that DICE can deliver a decent campaign...I'd be just as happy if the focused purely on multiplayer....

But, best of luck to then in this endeavor...

Akuma071763d ago

DICE aren't developing this. They develop the main series.

tigertron1763d ago

I just wish Visceral would be focusing on survival horror games rather than BF.

I also fear that BF will become an annual series like COD now that there is more than one studio working on the franchise.

Leave BF to DICE, EA.

Akuma071763d ago

Visceral stopped focusing on survival horror games after the first Dead Space.

That's right. Before DS2 and 3.

ironfist921763d ago


I dont know whether its EA to blame or Visceral for wanting to tear out the horror aspect, but I know that I hate the Dead Space franchise now.

Seraphim1763d ago

I don't care what Visceral is focusing on but it should definitely be something other than this. Dead Space was classic & there's way too much talent & creativity there to be wasted on a reboot. They should making a Prequel to Dead Space called Dead Samurai. Could use a great sword play action game. Lol joking aside if it's not continuing Dead Space I'd prefer to see them working on another IP. Like NWA said f the Police.

Detoxx1763d ago

DICE is working on Star Wars: Battlefront.

DeadlyFire1762d ago (Edited 1762d ago )

Now EA has their Battlefield/front rotation setting up.

Policefield or whatever this is called. Its been rumored consistently for well over a year or two now. I think its safe to say its real.

Battlefield main series, and Battlefront. Now they start rotating those three year to year. I believe that's their plan anyway. So far DICE is the only one working on Battlefield. Although I could see Bad Company series being developed by Visceral.

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