Does Microsoft want to take over Capcom?

A nice juicy rumor in this months edition of the Electronic Gaming Monthly; it is said that, after Rare, Microsoft has plans to take over Capcom as well to get more feet on the ground in Japan! It would make sense after Lost Planet and Dead Rising that were both Xbox 360 exclusive.
More about this rumour and some other nice rumours (Just Cause 2 has green light from Eidos and Konami pushing to get MGS to Xbox 360) by clicking the link below.

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devv054451d ago

so cool for every 360 owner

DJ4451d ago

No way Capcom's stupid enough to pull that maneuver. Then again, these are the guys that shut down Clover.

THE TRUTH4451d ago

Since it is rumor I will take this news as such but I think this kind of move would spell the end of MS in Asian regions! I think they would take a move like this as insulting and very hypocritical! So now gamers would HAVE 2 buy a 360 to enjoy capcom games? What happened to choice?

Another point is it would show a major weakness in the 360 due MS to pull off such a move! If the 360 is so successful then why buy capcom?

Seriously anything short of MS buying both Square and Konami would be a waste of money! Because that's what it would take for MS to out a debt in both sony and nintendos dominance of that region!

devv054451d ago (Edited 4451d ago )

Well, MS has not much to lose in Asian regions, do they? So why not give it a try. I don't see your point that it would be a sign of weakness, if they can get some good exclusive asian games that would certainly help the Xbox 360 in Asia (and also in Europe/US).

Maybe some Asians will be pissed off, but if they wanna play good games they'll still have to buy the Xbox 360. And we have more generation to come after this one, it will be long forgotten then.

I think it would be a very smart move.

EasilyTheBest4451d ago

If you ask me they should buy Sega and they should of done it ages ago..
Buying Capcom is a rumor yes, but its obvious that Microsoft will eventually buy a large Japanese company for their games, they will have too for the next round of consoles...

Gh0stDrag0n4451d ago

If you can't win in Japan, BUY THEM!

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The story is too old to be commented.