Playing Myst for the first time

Bag of Games: "Cyan Worlds released realMyst: Masterpiece Edition yesterday on Steam and iOS.

I thought everyone and their mother had played Myst in at least one of it’s dozens of incarnations over it’s 20 years history, but apparently not!

Watch as someone plays Myst for the very first time, it’s fascinating and frustrating at the same time!"

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inStereo1764d ago

Choosing the correct book at the end of my first playthrough back in '92 was one of my finest gaming moments. :)

Pozzle1764d ago (Edited 1764d ago )

On my first playthrough I picked the wrong book, so I reloaded the game and picked the other book...and got it wrong again!

I clearly missed some VERY obvious clues about the brothers throughout the game. lol