Titanfall Beta Gameplay Allowed To Be Posted

Titanfall Beta gameplay and any sort of production related to the game is allowed to be shown or streamed once it has been released. This was confirmed by the @TitanfallGame and @Respawn Twitter account’s. This shows that the Titanfall developers are working hard to make this game “the next big Youtube game” due to the developers friendly attitude towards sharing video production of the beta.

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mewhy321808d ago Show
DonDon1808d ago

Good I can't wait to see if this game is even worth the hype

3-4-51808d ago

I'd say from what we've seen so far that it will be a pretty cool next gen FPS game that introduces some fresh ideas to the genre, but isn't revolutionary or game changing.

Something like a 8.8-9.1 type of game.

It looks really good, but we have no clue until we see/learn more.

4Sh0w1808d ago (Edited 1808d ago )

Well not specifically directed towards you but heres my 2 cents.

Titanfall has made believers out of all who've had hands on. There is no game everyone will like but I think Titanfall is one of those games that casuals, hardcore and everybody in between can enjoy. Yeah it makes sense to play anything before you make a final judgement but truth is I know what games I will like 99% of the time only after I see a few gameplay trailers plus a bit of background info. I cant remember the last time I was wrong and bought a game I ended up hating, at worst I've brought a few games from time to time that didnt live up to its promises but again usually if I buy it it was at least good enough for a playthrough. Still Titanfall isnt a complicated game, its a always online, fast paced twitch fps, with crazy wall running, weapons and mechs, you either really down with that or you're not, for those who already decided "it's just COD with mechs" nothings going to change their minds which btw isn't a huge negative, certainly you can downplay any game in that way (Im not fooled some just say it out of jealousy and yeah I can understand a few genuinely just dont get it, that's OK) The bottom line is for those wanting something familiar to COD but also breathes life into a somewhat stale formula that has dominated the fps landscape for years, Titanfall is a welcome change.

Glad to see they continue to be very open with the community and even are going to allow the beta gameplay to be shown off everywhere. Damm I want a Beta code so bad.

Team_Litt1807d ago (Edited 1807d ago )

Sheesh you can see that great wall of text from space!
Can we have the tl:dr version?

Bigpappy1808d ago

Nothing to hide. Confidence in the game. People like to do it, so let them have at it. Something that needs fixing might actually pop up in one of these vids.

I like this approach.

joab7771808d ago

Say what you will aboutabout EA but u like Activision, at least they always release betas in an attempt to try and work out the bugs. I know that B4 has had its problems but it is a very complex game.

If Titanfall were released by Activision, you would never see a beta. CoD has had so many issues for so long and they never release a beta. From a business standpoint...I get it. They can only lose money. But EA and Redrawn deserve some credit for this.

svoulis1808d ago

Considering this is an online only game. Also the fact that it's respawns first game is the reason for this. It has to go off without a hitch for the sake of consumers, EA, AND Respawn. If it wasn't online only I could see this being treated like other FPS games broken and buggy for months.

That being said though, I still picture that there will be issues at launch for a always online game. Has there ever been one that hasn't had issues?

Mexxan1807d ago

I like the look of it, but they can start with the screen tearing

JetsFool35001808d ago

Now we'll get to see if its worth the hype

megazero121808d ago

that makes no sense there is already footage from alpha....

JetsFool35001807d ago

Alot can change from alpha to beta to release so your comment makes no sense

Team_Litt1807d ago

It is said that those that PLAY it enjoy it...not those that watch others play it enjoy it.
Wanna see if it is worth the hype? Get into the beta.

GameingmyLife1808d ago

loving there confidence... and since i played the ALpha this game is F. N awesome

Volkama1807d ago

Common sense as much as confidence. It's a more-or-less open beta. There is no stopping footage from spreading even if they want to. At least this way you'll have happy folks sharing and not just the disgruntled ones.

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