Is Telltale’s Formula At Risk Of Saturation?

WGTC writes: At the VGX awards show in December, Telltale Games revealed plans to adapt Game of Thrones and Tales From The Borderlands using its familiar, episodic framework. Arguably the highlight of the event, the news meant that these two properties joined The Walking Dead and Fables (The Wolf Among Us) in the studio’s prestigious roster of IPs. It’s understood the GoT license involves an expansive multi-year, multi-title deal, whereas Borderlands will introduce characters such as Handsome Jack et al to the Telltale audience. That said, with the studio now collaborating on four, distinct series simultaneously, does Telltale risk spreading its formula too thin?

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deadfrag1713d ago (Edited 1713d ago )

YES! They acually can end up ruining the all gendre by going this way of pickink too many game Ips For the same formula.Saturation can happen fast,and if one of the new games that is going to use this Tale formula ends up been bad or not reaching the normal kind of satisfation Telltale games normally have and that goes from the good and the great or better it can actually lead to people just starting not caring about Telltale Games work has they use to until now, and could even wrecking the already Telltale games know ips reputation for future sequels.I really think they should stick with one IP or new game at the time,its way better for the creative minds!