Top 5 saddest video game deaths of all time

Video games can make us feel a lot of emotions, some fill us with joy and excitement whilst some can make us shed a tear or two. It’s the latter I want to explore today and there’s no end in the amount of worthy candidates for our top 5. Games are a powerful medium and should be heralded for making us feel in such a way. More efforts need to be focused on captivating story lines that can fill us with so much passion towards an individual. Video games are not all about mindless killings and reckless driving, here’s out top 5 saddest gaming deaths that prove just that.

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Dancinsolo1715d ago

No Brothers? That's a damn shame

abzdine1714d ago

bad list!!
how can Shawn from Heavy Rain not be in this list? the only time a death in a videogame really felt sad

Nerdmaster1714d ago

Did you let Shaun die? You're a bad father!

abzdine1714d ago

i platinumed the game and that makes me a good gamer :)

Picnic1714d ago (Edited 1714d ago )

What about Jason's 'death' though. His father Ethan clearly takes the full impact from the car. Ethan catches his son quite well as far as I recall. There's no way that Jason could have died and yet Ethan not been severely injured at the very least. Unless Ethan crushed his own son!

It took a few minutes later before it was confirmed to me that Ethan had definitely died.
Helium balloon rising is not yet the standard accepted code for 'former owner's spirit has necessarily followed the same path'.

Vanfernal1715d ago


Isara's death in Valkyria Chronicles scarred me for life.

PeaSFor1715d ago (Edited 1715d ago )


it wasnt sad, she went out like a BOSS, thats not sad but ballsy as fck.(to be honest, we rarely see such strong & ballsy females character in videogames)

AusRogo1715d ago

He may have been talking about ***SPOILERS***................ ...........Joels daughter? That almost made me tear up!

mewhy321714d ago

I think that one of the sadest deaths is the Wii-U.

Mutant-Spud1715d ago (Edited 1715d ago )

Nier was a sad story altogether, I'm a pretty hard case and even I had a lump in my throat at times.

ifistbrowni1715d ago

agreed. Sarah's death in TLOU should've made the list. Dom's death in Gears 3 was pretty sad, too (maybe it was more sad for me, i read the books).

But, Sarah's death made me tear up on the first playthrough. It's the most powerful prologue/section of a video game i've ever played.

It's odd b/c i was just on youtube showing my nephew some of the new video games coming out, he saw a picture of Ellie and said, "lets watch that video!" So, i let him watch the prologue section (he's 4, so i couldn't let him watch too much of it)... I teared up again (even after playing through 4 times and witnessing it numerous times, its still sad). Such a powerful scene.

Jihaad_cpt1715d ago

Sorry forgive my ignorance I haven't played Halo but wasn't Cortana a program or some kind of AI?

ThatEnglishDude1715d ago

You are correct. Her 'character' isn't really fleshed out and hardly deserves to be hailed as one of the saddest 'deaths' in videogames. Not considering the likely possibility she'll probably return in Halo 5.

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The story is too old to be commented.