MGS Ground Zeroes: Wait for the Reviews before bashing it

onPause writes:

After a report that Kojima’s Metal Gear Solid 5: Ground Zeroes, which is a prologue to Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain, only takes two hours to complete the main campaign, gamers and fans of the franchise started crying out since the game will cost players about 30 bucks when it hits digital and retail outlets later this year.

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-Foxtrot1709d ago (Edited 1709d ago )

But no one is bashing it for the's about what practice it supports and also the price.

Why should be be expected to pay for obvious cut content of the prolouge of MGSV when we had the Tanker Missions in MGS2 which were included in the full game.

It's like "Oh MGSV is a long ways off...oh I know we'll release the start of the game we've finished and sell it for nearly the price of a full on game"

I really don't think half of these journalists defending it understanding the point of all you want more developers trying to sell you part of their games separate in the future because thats what will happen if you defend this practice.

I really think most of the big sites who do articles like this just what Kojima or Konami to shower them with gifts or something

Seriously most gamers are stupid these days, things like this happen, they defend it because of what franchise it is or who is behind it then when it changes the industry and other devs take the p*** with it like what happened with DLC last gen everyone complains.

GamersHeaven1709d ago

I don't give a damn how good it is 2hrs is not worth 40$ end of story.

Sharingan_no_Kakashi1709d ago

Then get it for 20 on psn for ps3....

The game is longer than 2 hours btw.

Elda1709d ago (Edited 1709d ago )

Totally agree $40 for a demo,also when the original game is released I wonder if the same material from GZ going to be in PP,if so a double rip-off.

bigboss19901709d ago

This is a con and a huge let down :-\ the more I ear about this game the less I like it... And I'm a huge metasl gear fan :-\ no just a cash cow think I pass on this one and wait for the full package :-\ just hope other developers don't follow on this or I'm giving up gaming !!!!

xBigxBossx1709d ago

I don't understand all the rage again. It has 6 side missions in a OPEN WORLD. You can beT fallout 3 in 3 hour if you want but who does that. Mgs 1-4 can be beaten in less the 3.5 hours each and are linear. Even if the "main mission" is 2 hrs. With the 6 sides it probably has more playtime than previous entries (besides Peace Walker which was a gem)

d4sholil11709d ago

I believe GZ will be a great game however, I am thinking about getting it maybe a month or 2 before Phant. Pain releases. Reason being $40 for 2 hour clear time plus side missions is not worth it. PPn will definitely be, as far as I can see, $59 and I definitely don't want to pay $100 for MGSV altogether. Hopefully itll retail for 19.99 at some point before PPn releases. But maybe my mind will change once reviews start to run. Im sure Kojima will throw in some extras in Ppn to make up for this.

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