Stick to What You're Good at Nintendo; Make Games Not Hardware

With a wealth of franchise characters, and a lot of great in-house software developers, shouldn’t Nintendo think more about games than hardware and seek a little help?

"Nintendo’s influence on the gaming community provides an image so evocative that speaking the very name of the Japanese developer is able to draw out childhood memories as though you were fondly remembering a rite of passage. Close your eyes and imagine it for a moment; what the word Nintendo represents. The Mushroom Kingdom and all of its perils. Late nights spent stealing coins and breaking friendships in Mario Party. Learning to fly an arwing, or drift on mute city, or edge guard against Marth players. More than a list of games, Nintendo is a culture of innovation and creativity, which makes you wonder why they would ever bother limiting themselves to one console in the first place."

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dedicatedtogamers2680d ago


Agreed. The only "bad" hardware I can think of was the Virtual Boy and maybe the Micro GBA, but their hardware is always very solid and built with quality (and often affordability) in mind. Even when it comes to features I don't enjoy (like the Wii-U tablet or the 3DS's 3D) it's still quality.

But no, we don't need that. Nintendo should just do software. They should go 3rd party. That worked out great for SEGA, didn't it?

badz1492679d ago

What is this ignorant article do getting approved? Nintendo has always been about hardware! More so than Microsoft which started as a software company!

Most of their hardware are built solid but the only thing holding them back is almost always their own unwillingness to take even a little loss.

mcstorm2679d ago

Nintendo should not go Software only as it will not be the same Nintendo. In a way Nintendo make amazing games on there own consoles and games that stand out and use the consoles the way they were created for. It was the same with Sega. Since going 3rd party Sega have not quite been the same and Nintendo would not be the same.

The 3DS is selling fine and it now looks like the WiiU sales could be on the up and people keep forgetting that a console dose not have to be the best selling to make money esp the numbers the Nintendo big ip's sell in. How many ip's on the xbox and PS4 have kept there value like Mario Kart has?

Nintendo will be fine and are not going anywhere.

abzdine2679d ago (Edited 2679d ago )

Nintendo games cannot run on any other machine because they always use a specific feature of the console.
Nintendo makes amazing hardware so they can push creativity while making games.
they have to continue doing both and that's what they're probably gonna end up doing.
makes me really wonder how many Nintendo consoles the writer really owned

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jakemail2680d ago

I think apple and nintendo need help making their machines, apple is to expensive and both of them don't want to make an os up to date with the other ones.

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OtakuDJK1NG-Rory2680d ago

I see what you did there Shokio lol

Chrischi19882679d ago

3 out of 2 of their latest techs, could be considered as one of the most successful pieces of hardware ever made. Just because the Wii U had a bad start, you all act like Nintendo is done forever. Pretty much shows, that you the writer of this article is biased as fu**. OK, 3DS is not that successful, but DS was, 3DS is still super successful and proves the point of nintendo needing more games on Wii U.

Still, 3DS proves this article wrong, not much else to say here...

CAB18022679d ago

LOL, does people know that he is sarcastic?

3-4-52679d ago

They always make the hardware that doesn't fail and stays working for decades.

They actually make THE BEST hardware in terms of quality.

How don't people comprehend this.

Have you ever owned a Nintendo system ?

My NES,SNES, my N64 & Gamecube have ALWAYS worked flawlessly. Even STILL.

Same with controllers.

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AKR2680d ago

People love to knock N down for not making "cutting-edge" hardware; and yet, their hardware has always been praised. They always make their hardware with durability, quality, and an inviting price tag; no to mention the features themselves are very innovative.

I have a very hard time genuinely seeing a game like Mario, Zelda, Metroid, Kirby or the others doing well on other platforms. "Casual" games rarely do well on PS and XBOX, depending on what it is. They M-Rated stuff are what tops charts on those platforms.

Nintendo should stick making innovative hardware for their innovative games. They've stated this on several occasions; don't know why we're still discussing this.

zeal0us2680d ago (Edited 2680d ago )

The problem is that games like Mario, Zelda, Metroid and Kirby aren't release back to back. There is a gap in between their releases. During this gap Nintendo is more vulnerable to things like low sales and bad press.

If you haven't notice this what they are going through right now, bad press and low sales. Nintendo needs third-party support. It is what keep system sells up during the gap. On the flip-side publishers don't want to make games for a system that isn't selling well.

Nintendo needs to do more than make innovative hardware for their games. They need to reach out to more publishers and developers. They need to be more open outside ideas(this does not mean westernize their franchises btw). They need to adapt and evolve as a company so this situation they are going through won't repeat itself.

MEsoJD2679d ago

The hardware is the reason I haven't purchased a WiiU. I enjoy Nintendo's software, but I don't want another dust magnet like the Wii. They need to convince people that there's longevity in their home consoles.

X1PS4WiiU2680d ago (Edited 2680d ago )

Someone on Gaf posted Nintendos financial gain from selling hardware, and its A LOT.

Having full control over the architecture of hardware, really allows them to take full advantage of making their software. They can create their own world, and they're doing that, with the eShop and Miiverse.

Nintendo brought us many innovations, and has pioneered this industry(d-pad, analog stick, wii remote, rumble pack, triggers, gameboy, ect.), because they make their own hardware.

I hope they continue to make hardware.

KonsoruMasuta2680d ago

"Someone on Gaf posted Nintendos financial gain from selling hardware, and its A LOT."

People don't get this. A nice bulk of Nintendo's income comes from hardware. Getting rid of their hardware would get rid of a bulk of their income.

porkChop2680d ago

Nintendo didn't create or pioneer analog sticks, d-pads, or handheld game consoles. The Wii Remote also wasn't all that new as Sony had already been working on the Move back in the very early PS2 days. The problem I see is that so many people attribute innovations with Nintendo, and it's usually the innovations that Nintendo had no part in creating.

Vegamyster2680d ago (Edited 2680d ago )

They made them popular/perfected them, also the technology in the Wii-Mote was shown to both Microsoft & Sony before Nintendo.


SpiralTear2680d ago

Even if Nintendo didn't "create" any of these things, they certainly made them more appealing and palatable to gamers. Nintendo got them to work and become integral to gaming from thereafter.

For one, the Game Boy remained the definitive handheld system line all the way up to the Nintendo DS. That's nearly 15 years of prominence. 15 years of challengers and none of them could top the Game Boy.

You can argue that these devices existed before Nintendo used them if you want, but once Nintendo implemented them, these ideas became recognizable and standard for the industry. Nintendo gave those ideas legs.

porkChop2680d ago (Edited 2680d ago )

Yes the tech was shown to Sony and Microsoft before Nintendo. Sony turned it down because it was expensive and they were starting work on a superior piece of tech, and Microsoft probably just wasn't interested in motion at the time. But that doesn't change the fact that A) Nintendo didn't create the tech, and B) they weren't the first to develop a form of motion control for a console.

And I never said Nintendo didn't perfect those features. X1PS4WiiU claimed that they were Nintendo's innovations and that they had pioneered them, which just isn't true.

Chrischi19882679d ago (Edited 2679d ago )

That is like saying Apple did not pioneer Tablets^^

There were tablets before, but non of them were successful or any good, until then, same goes for anything about Nintendo.

And they were the first, they were the first to release it and use it, the first is the innovator, say what you want, but Playstation Move was a failure, came years later and had absolutely no meaning in gaming, unlike the Wiimote.

You dont need to downplay it here, it just lets you look really ignorant and dumb. Sony turned it down, isnt that their own fault? They didnt believe in it and Nintendo did, they pushed the tech, Sony was afraid to lose something and did what they always did.

It is funny, how you act like Sony has innovated anything^^ Sony did not use anything, they were not the first and if they were the first to have seen this tech, then they made very bad business decisions. Then again, you do not know, for how long Nintendo worked on their Motion controlls, you just know Sony did it during PS2 times, but guess what, Nintendo also did it during that time, because they released motion controlls, with the console and not years later. Who is the innovator? The one who works on tech for years and doesnt do anything with it or the ones to usefully utilize the tech and be the first to use it in a good way?

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Sincere01212680d ago

Should Sony just stick to what their good at and just make hardware as they have never been able to compete with Nintendo when it comes to software.

elninels2680d ago

I agree that sony is nowhere near Nintendo's status in first party developing, but the games the make meet sales estimates, unlike Nintendo's hardware.

4logpc2680d ago

Nintendo hardware is just fine.

LOL_WUT2679d ago

3rd party devs say otherwise ;)

R00bot2679d ago

No, they don't. Only EA has said that. Other devs have all praised the hardware.

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