3DS Weekly Deals: B2G1 Preowned, Pokemon X $30.60, Mario Party Island Tour $29.99 and more

3DS weekly deals and sales from Amazon, Overstock, Walmart, Best Buy, Cowboom and Target.

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Tom871982d ago (Edited 1982d ago )

Ocarina of Time or A Link Between Worlds? Which game should I play first?

Apollo11982d ago

I'd go for Link between Worlds
OoT is great though.

xNomaD1982d ago

Just grabbed Animal Crossing: New Leaf for cheap. Pretty sure I'll invest far too many hours into it in the near future.

andrewsimons1982d ago

This game is amazing, can't believe BestBuy are clearing it.

Rockefellow1982d ago

Are you kidding or something? That's fairly average pricing. I'm still kicking myself for when New Leaf was going for $20, new, for a few weeks straight last year. I figured I'd be able to grab it when I had time to play it at a similar price later on, but I'm still waiting.

Same thing happened with Fire Emblem: Awakening. Best Buy had it on sale for $19.99 for a week, both online and in-store, but I figured I'd be able to get it for cheaper online later on. How wrong I was... It's more expensive than ever most places, like near $50 on Amazon.

edgarohickman1982d ago

3DS's online selection at best buy is awful. Almost all preowned great games are unavailable in any near me :(.

ABizzel11982d ago

Best Buy pre-owned is always awful. They shit the games back to their distributor, but it seems the games are never sent back.

Don't waste your time.

Apollo11982d ago

Last time they had this sale they had two restocks online within the week. Load up your cart with all the 3ds games you want and then keeping checking the cart daily or every few hours.

andrewsimons1982d ago

Bravely Default was for $30 at Kmart. Too bad the deal is over.