Wii U Weekly Deals: B2G1 Preowned, Rayman Legends $39.99, Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate $24.98 & more

Wii U weekly deals and sales from Nintendo, Amazon, Newegg, Groupon, Dell, Best Buy and Gamestop.

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dannygamer2422d ago

That's the lowest price Ive seen for Rayman Legends. Time to purchase this game.

andrewsimons2422d ago

True, the lowest was $25 on Black Friday only.

jacobvogel2422d ago

Is Sniper elite worth it?

andrewsimons2422d ago

For $20 I'd say its worth it, single player is pretty fun.

dannygamer2422d ago

Is it better than The Walking Dead?

timothyckeegan2422d ago

Any good B2G1 preowned games at Best Buy?
Just noticed that MH3U new is cheaper at Amazon than Best Buy preowned version.

Apollo12422d ago

Few of the list:
Pikmin 3 $34.99
The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker $34.99
New Super Mario Bros. U $29.99

ABizzel12422d ago

Just bought Wind Waker for $22.50 from a local store. I'm telling you guys if you need sales on stuff ask me, and I'll ebay you,

thezeldadoth2422d ago

serious question, is skylanders fun and what sort of game is it? Is it like older adventure platformers like jak and daxter?