Will CM Punk Make It Into WWE 2K15?

Every wrestling fan was shocked earlier this month when CM Punk walked out of the WWE. With 2K Sports now announcing WWE 2K15 due out later this year, is there a chance the popular star can be added to the game?

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LexHazard791709d ago

CM Punk doesnt even make my top 10!

DarthJay1709d ago

Unfortunately not. He's burned out and tired of the garbage. Everyone thought HHH being in charge would be great. What do we get? Orton as champ and Batista, the Outlaws and Kevin Nash coming back, with the occasional cameo and screw-job from Shawn Michaels.

Awesome. I'd be pissed too.

quaneylfc1709d ago

wrestling is for 6 year olds

Enmson1709d ago

then you are too young for it.

quaneylfc1709d ago

Only in my head.... giraffes!!!!