PlayStation Now Doesn't "Have a Prayer of Getting Over One Million Subscribers," Says Pachter

GR: Wedbush Securities analyst Michael Pachter has been awfully outspoken about his thoughts on PlayStation Now and why he thinks it will fail to be a success for Sony.

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-Foxtrot1712d ago

Whats this guy got against Playstation Now...seriously it's not hurting anyone

Long as Sony offers the versions on the store where you can buy and download them without the streaming nonsense (for those who haven't got good broadband speed) then it shouldn't be a problem

TrueJerseyDevil1712d ago

See that is the problem with it, people don't have the broadband speed to download games in a reasonable time. I don't believe they will have it so you can download the games, also people won't pay extra for something that they can play the games they already own on their PS4 when the can just hook up there old console and play it on that

-Foxtrot1712d ago

Yeah but it's a nice program to get started anyway so it's there when broadband speeds become better.

People will use it others will download the years go by the service will be more used.

Better setting it up now then later

TrueJerseyDevil1712d ago

Yea i agree good point didn't really think of the long term, might be a lose for a year or two but it will be big eventually

CaptainSellers1712d ago

You obviously didn't see the guy who ran it perfectly with 5mb download broadband...

You don't need teh uber fiber internet to run it obviously.

AusRogo1712d ago

Im in Ausrtralia and we have terrible internet compared to America, im only getting 10mbps download, if it works ill be happy.. dont know why people complain about their speeds..ive seen some people here complain about 50mbps lol

truefan11712d ago

The Internet speeds to stream the files is one thing, the other is that they will be charging extra. Now if Sony was the not for profit company you all think they are, they would offer this service included with ps+. This service will not catch on to the main stream, maybe a few of you will try it, but the majority won't. I also don't know about Sony ' network infrastructure. There was a reason this hasn't been done since Sega channel.

Gamingcapacity1712d ago (Edited 1712d ago )

trufan I think you're twisting what people think about Sony. Nobody believes that Sony runs the PS division for love not money. What people do believe is that Microsoft is a company that will try and find has many ways to nickle and dime you. They want the to get their hands in has many pots has possible, use their money to monopolise the market (well to the extent permitted by law) and then charge what the hell they want becuase they can.

They have a mindset that they want to destroy the competition so they have that particular market to themselves and that's not good for the consumer.

By the wat the service ran on my poor 5Mbps connection. I had a chance to try it before Sony bought Gaikai. I played Alan Wake with a good quality stream with very little lag.

scott1821712d ago (Edited 1712d ago )

We will know when it comes out how popular it will be, so far it looks like a fantastic surface and everyone that has tried it have been very positive.

BrianG1712d ago

Services like this, 4k streaming, etc... are creating the demand for faster internet speeds.

If nothing creates the need, it will never happen.

theDivision1712d ago

I converted from x360 to ps4. So there are a lot of ps3 games I missed and would pay to play. I know I'm not the only one either (not saying there is a million of us but still I'd wager more than 10000 easy)

Akuma071712d ago

It has already been proven to work on relatively slow internet.

Patcher has no basis to his comments, as always.

NewMonday1711d ago

PSNow is project for the future

remember that it can be played on tablets and TVs, and in time will come to iPads and BlueRay players.

Gamehead---1711d ago

You dont download the games. You stream them.

Giul_Xainx1711d ago

Because people are interested in backwards compatibility they created an online library for people to subscribe to as a means of playing anything that is available in said library. Eventually the entire ps3 library will be on gaikai along with ps2 and ps1 games. That way people will finally play haze and Lair and make up their own review score for them.

For playstation fans they will enjoy not having to risk destroying their physical copies of older ps games, and not have to worry about downloading the game and then installing it.

You may not see why a service like this would be wanted right this second, but eventually you will see it succeed. I am willing to place a million dollar bet on the success of Playstation now, right now.

GW2121711d ago

@theDivision - I'm in the exact same boat as you. So now it would appear they only need 999,998 more subscribers.

skept3k1711d ago

Just look at Playstation Plus, every month we get great games for free and I'm sure they get downloaded A LOT.

Playstation Now won't fail because of peoples broadband speeds. Sure if you have a shit connection it might take you all night to download a game, that's not a deal breaker.

It will come down to the subscription cost, and the catalog of available games. The way Sony has been running PS+, I bet PS Now will be awesome.

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JoGam1712d ago (Edited 1712d ago )

Sorry but Pachter is the BIGGEST MS Fanboy. He gave himself away plenty of times last gen. Nothing he says I will ever believe.

Vitalogy1712d ago

There you said it. Isn't it obvious? The only thing this guys has against PS Now is the fact that isn't a m$ service and the fact that he's been talking about it everyday it means that he recons the value of the service and that it will be big and probably sink m$ in the way.

Cryptcuzz1711d ago

What Pachter dislikes, its really what he wishes his preferred bias has, in this case MS.

He seems so insecure with PS Now and that to me tells me it would be a sure hit or at least a good chance of being one.

Pachter is not good for the industry. When will his employers realize this and make him disappear?

allformats1712d ago

When I said the other day that Patcher was a troll, Microsoft shill and Xbox fanboy a lot of people pounced, but look at what he's saying now... Another retarded statement that total contradicts deals Sony has going on right now... Deals like free PS Plus games... Some of the biggest games in the industry, mind you: We're talking Bioshock Infinite, Metro: Last Light and other massive titles.

Again, this guy said it himself that he's very close with Microsoft. He always references Xbox when talking about gaming systems -- as if he were advertising the freaking brand...

But no, I'm talking rubbish, right?

JoGam1712d ago

When he said the Sony breach was worst than the RROD situation is when I knew he was a retard.

ZombieKiller1712d ago

Patcher Doesn't "Have a Prayer of Getting anyone to take him seriously" Says Zombiekiller

Honestly, PS Now is going to be awesome. I hear reports of users saying it works well on crappy connections. So with that said:

Does it take a Patcher to tell us what's up with the service? Personally, I haven't tried it myself but I could see the potential of this being straight up AWESOME. Bring a controller over to a buddies house instead of your PS3 because he has a Sony Bravia (2014)?! SOLD.
I know I'll be subscibing....even with my 30+ ps3 titles. I just need some BC on my PS4 damnit.

AD7051712d ago

I still cannot believe people take this patcher guy seriously. The man is rarely right on any of his predictions and the ones he's right on are the blatantly obvious.

Not to mention he never seems to be negative towards MS, only sony and nintendo.

Narutone661711d ago

Isn't he the guy who almost always predict the opposite?

Aceman181712d ago

He just like hearing himself speak is all. I've never put any stock into anything that comes out of his mouth Lol.

avengers19781711d ago

It's all about content and price, if they offer good games at a fair price then it will do well if it has a small amount of games that aren't that good and cost a lot then it will fail.
IMO if they can offer PS1, PS2, and PS3 games to multiple devices for 10 $ or less a month than it PS Now will be huge.

windblowsagain1711d ago

I said this before.

He likes xbox.

When on GT or other progs, he was always positive about xbox even when they had fkall.

He's a numpty. Haven't got a clue how he is employed.

I can only think his nose is brown.

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TheRedButterfly1712d ago

No matter how much I don't want to, I'd have to agree with him… Siding with Pachter feels dirty. (brb, gonna go take a shower now)

GribbleGrunger1712d ago

I often agree with Pachter but he's SO wrong here. I'm going to be interested to see what his response is to PSNow in 5 years time. Perhaps he doesn't realise it's available to millions and millions of people that don't even own a console or handheld?

Kenshin_BATT0USAI1712d ago

Honestly I think a million is an unrealistic number ESPECIALLY for US only. There's a global market for this stuff. I can see Japan alone getting well over 1 million subs easily.

Crossbones1712d ago (Edited 1712d ago )

He must be on Microsoft's Payroll to keep talking about PS Now like this.

NegativeCreep4271712d ago (Edited 1712d ago )

Now it's starting to look like Microsoft has begun to court Pachter much in the same way they did with Machinima and all the people involved with that mess.

To all the disagreers: you can't legitimately say that that isn't possible or is unreasonable. If you do, then you're probably in the same BS-feeding loop as Pachter.

Gamer6661712d ago

Don't worry. His comments about Xbox are just as dumb as the ones about PlayStation.