Master Chief: Man or Machine?

AA writes, "What makes us human? It is a question which many science fiction stories deal with in the hope of shedding some light – and another interpretation – on the moral dilemma. One such game that decided to incorporate this theme into its narrative was Halo 4. Throughout the single player campaign, two entities – the Master Chief, a super powered soldier known as a SPARTAN, and Cortana, his failing A.I. companion – are in a struggle to save the Earth, while at the same time trying to address the implications of the end of Cortana’s lifespan. It is this ordeal which is addressed throughout the game’s eight levels and epilogue that, in my eyes, makes Halo 4‘s single player campaign the best of all the Halo games. An analysis of the Halo series’ protagonist can shed some light on his motivations, and possibly his future as a character."

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level 3601713d ago

He's a bit like the original Robocop.

_FantasmA_1713d ago

Except Robocop was badazz. Chief is "the last of his kind, and humanity's only hope." He's a cliche.

blackstrr4111713d ago

Chief is more badass. OCP is bullshit. Bob Dole made a mistake now its time to erase that mistake

spicelicka1713d ago

Except robocop is also a cliche, programmed to "protect the innocent" and fights two bit thugs, see i can do that too.