Digital High – 1886 No Multiplayer, Metal Gear Length Problems, and More

Entertainment Fuse: Another week, another Digital High but with a new guest host, as well as apparently Vincent’s new friend, Josh. Aaron, Vincent, and Josh discuss, at great length, multiple topics while having too much fun. Find out their opinions regarding such topics as the Sonic Boom announcement, The Order: 1866 – does no multiplayer hurt it, is Metal Gear too short, and much more.

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Mikey322301713d ago


rafaman1713d ago

That's Sony: no coop games! With all this thing going about online, Sony still insists on single player games

urwifeminder1713d ago

Yeah is a way to make your games be forgettable real quick no co op or multi player in this day and age is a bit of a fail.

deathstriker1713d ago

Yeah, I have to agree with most people here and the hosts that no co-op or horde mode does kinda suck. I'll still play the game if it seems fun, but $60 for a 10 to 25 hour third person shooter? Thank goodness I have Gamefly.

fonduktoe1713d ago

I agree. No mp on the order turned it into a rental for me. They created a fiction that screams for mp and they decide to make it a linear sp game. Thanks but no thanks.