Official Nintendo Magazine Says New Wii U Game Is “Indie And Cool”

The associate editor at the Official Nintendo Magazine clarified on Twitter that the magazine's surprise Wii U game in its April release is something "indie and cool".

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Concertoine1765d ago

Thats what i figured. Did they the game was even being made by nintendo, or just a new wii u game in general?

LOL_WUT1764d ago

For an indie game? Nintendo really needs to start developing their ips at a faster rate because this is just inexcusable ;)

maniacmayhem1764d ago

We should all go to Nintendo and pitch in instead of leaving comments.

*packs bags*

See you in Japan!

TheHaydenator1765d ago

I hope it's Fast Racing Neo

SageShinigami1765d ago

LOL. And for most Nintendo fans, the hype just faded completely. I think the saddest thing is, from the outside, it just looks like Nintendo isn't trying.

MrTimesplitters1765d ago

Cause hes a troll and a idiot

SageShinigami1764d ago

Because a lot of fans aren't interested in indie games. Some are, certainly, but many aren't. Factuals.

I'm a Nintendo fan, and MY hype faded. And it DOES feel like Nintendo isn't trying. I've been waiting on a Nintendo Direct for ages so Nintendo can give me some gleam of hope: a Smash Bros. release date, more information about X, a surprise third-party reveal, or even some information about the mentioned-then-forgotten SMTxFE.

Instead I'm getting a bunch of silence and "We've got a cover feature for a new Nintendo game...but its not Star Fox or F-Zero!" So here I am hoping for a new IP or maybe Metroid or something...only to find out its an indie title, which I personally typically don't enjoy.

So no, Timesplitters. I'm not a troll. And I'm not an idiot. Just a fan who's tired of watching Nintendo do this Charlie Brown football routine.

Concertoine1765d ago

To be honest im fine with it being this, the n4g comments kind of misled me.