New Gameplay Screenshots From ESO Stress Test Showcase

The most anticipated and largest scale MMORPG The Elder Scrolls Online was formally available this week. Thanks to the release of a great big batch of invitations, a large number of players won the opportunities to participate in this stress test. A lot of tester had showed off in-game screenshots online and shared them with friends. If you have yet to play ESO, why not take a look at these screenshots below to have a first impression to this upcoming MMO? Enjoy.

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Drummerdude411715d ago

God that color scheme is horrendous. Might just be my personal taste but the pallet they are working with seems very bland.

MRMagoo1231712d ago

The whole game is bland , wished it was better i might have left wow for it but nope just like GW2 , rift and tera not as good as i had hoped tho tera was close.