The Wolf Among Us: Ep. 2 - Smoke & Mirrors | Review - AWESOMEoutof10

AWESOMEoutof10's David Chandler lights a Huff & Puff while continuing his investigation into the seedy parts of Fabletown. "Despite these niggling concerns, “Smoke and Mirrors” is still pulp noir at its digital best and a more disturbing chapter than the one before, combining a gruesome narrative with inventive characters and a setting that’s as dingy as it is retro-cool. The glowing lights of Fabletown cast long, dark shadows, and I can’t wait to see what other secrets they conceal. Let’s just hope the next episode crawls out of the alleys soon. Four months between releases is far too long, and, as the people of Fabletown have come to know, I’m not a pleasant person when I start to lose patience."

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