Arkham Origins "No Plans On Releasing Another Patch" DLC To Take Priority

Arkham Origins "no plans on releasing another patch" DLC to take priority.

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SnakeCQC1715d ago

The game still has issues; so they choose to give fans the finger, instead of fixing it.

Activemessiah1715d ago

Sooooo basically they don't have the time to fix glitches because it clashes with making money... If only the people buying the DLC knew how they're being treated... like a battered housewife who's still in love with her monster of a husband.

GentlemenRUs1715d ago

With people like this:

Greed > Helping others

Somebody1715d ago

I just finished downloading Batman Arkham Origins a couple of minutes ago! Haven't played it yet and now I read about this?

Crytek did something similar with Crysis. Made just two patches and then quit. Said too busy making Warhead and the sequel. It was so annoying to be left out in the dust like that and even more so several years later when they have time to make it run on the 360, with exclusive features no less(the Crysuit 2.0 controls).

johny51715d ago (Edited 1715d ago )

Yeah don't even get me started on crysis!

They said they where going to release a whole bunch of graphical features including true optimized quad core support "the game still has only dual core support for crying out loud" and a proper fix to have 1080p60hz.

How is it a modern game like crysis have a broken setting post patch for 1080p? Ridicules!!

IIC0mPLeXII1715d ago

See what tacked on mp does.