What the Hell is The Witness? An Interview With Jonathan Blow

Gamnesia: "In a very basic sense, "[The Witness] uses the panels in a very versatile way that enables us to get around a lot of the problems that traditionally happen in this kind of adventure game." As Blow explains, there are "some common problems" that often arise in the various forms of "games where you wander around a world and solve a bunch of puzzles.""

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joshw20111739d ago

This game looks and sounds absolutely amazing. Will definitely be getting it when I eventually get a PS4.

dedicatedtogamers1739d ago

Reminds me of Myst combined with...Dr Seuss colors. Setting aside the fact that it's by Jonathan Blow, I'm interesting in the game on its aesthetics alone.

JoGam1739d ago

All I wanna know is when does it comes out.