"PS4's DualShock 4 is Well Thought And Designed Input Device, Has Massive Potential": Grande Games

"We recently got it touch with Andre Noller of Grandé Games, developer behind upcoming PlayStation 4 exclusive title "Commander Cherry’s Puzzled Journey", a hybrid motion game, using the PlayStation 4 Eye camera and the Dualshock 4 controller simultaneously."

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Kivespussi1765d ago

I recently bought it to use with PS3 and it's damn comfortable. I can't imagine going back to DS3... If there wouldn't be games that are not DS4 compatible. I can't wait to see what the little features can do when I'll get my PS4 (like the touch pad, speaker)

GribbleGrunger1765d ago

If you want a list of PS3 games that are compatible with the Dualshock 4, try here:

Yi-Long1765d ago

I really like the new PS4 controller. I just wish there would be some official drivers released to also use it for PC.

GarrusVakarian1765d ago (Edited 1765d ago )

The thing i always hear about the DS4 is how comfortable it is, it's so true. The bigger/longer handles make it so comfy. I have a much better grip on the DS3 compared to the DS3 It's the best controller ive ever used in my entire gaming life, slightly overtaking the 360 controller.

I actually stopped playing GTA5 because i couldn't go back to the DS3, it just feels too small and uncomfortable for my big hands. The DS4's handles, sticks, triggers and shoulder buttons are perfect.


Same here, my pinky fingers weren't on the handles at all with the DS3, they just used to hang off so i only had my middle and ring fingers for grip,lol. It never felt like i had a sturdy grip.

GamersHeaven1765d ago (Edited 1765d ago )

That was my biggest grip about the DS3 the handles where too small on some games long gaming sessions my hands would get very uncomfortable.

@Chrischi Wii U gamepad is a gimmick DS4 touch pad is a gimmick but a additional feature on the controller unlike the gamepad it self.

kreate1765d ago

I still Love the ds3. Wish I can keep using ds3 for future consoles.

Only problem is that the default design needs a trigger upgrade.

2nd controller I like the most is actually the x1's controller. Surprisingly MS did a good job with that new controller.

ITPython1764d ago

The DS4 is a great controller, the sticks are a bit too short for me but some FPSFreeks (CQC) on them makes it the perfect height! And since the DS4 sticks are further away from one another (unlike the DS3 which were pretty close to eachother) a stick extender on both works just fine and my thumbs don't collide in the center.

And I never had a problem with the DS3, I think generally most people accustomed to the 360 controller were simply holding the DS3 wrong and judged it as such. The 360 controller was meant to be gripped with your palm, whereas the DS3 controller was meant to sit in the cradle of your fingers loosely, not be gripped. In fact correctly holding the DS3, it should only just barely touch the upper part of the palm of your hands.

DS4 is similar to the DS3 in that you can rest it in your fingers relatively loose if you want, but generally it is meant to be gripped just a bit more than the DS3 and a bit less than the 360 controller. Pretty much the best of both worlds and works for people accustomed to either setup.

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Chrischi19881765d ago

Yeah right, but the Wii U Gamepad is a gimmick^^

Because both do not offer the same amount of buttons and sticks, only that the Gamepad offers a Touchscreen instead of a Touchpad... But I didnt expect anything else on here. The Gamepad is bad and a gimmick, but since this is a controller from sony, it is innovative and whatsoever^^

GarrusVakarian1765d ago (Edited 1765d ago )

You're acting like every Sony fan loves the touchpad. Im one of the biggest Sony fans on here and i think it's an unnecessary gimmick and i don't use it unless a game forces me too.

And the WiiU gamepad IS a gimmick, IMO. The first thing i would do if i bought a WiiU is buy the 360-style controller.

dcj05241765d ago

THe touchpad is more durable, doesn't get dirty ( unless you eat bbq alot) as much, is more fastly accsessed ( i can swipe/press it as fast as a D-pad). Plus it doesn't makevthe console/controller more exspensive.It's convient,the gamepad in a traditional sense (Splinter cell and Watch_Dogs actually use the gamepad) its useless.Sonic boom could have some serious benefits from it though.

KakashiHotake1765d ago

Dude please, you can't possibly be comparing the Wii U game pad. Heck that same game pad that your trying to defend is the reason Nintendo is in the situation their in to begin with. I'm not about to bash Nintendo because they do what they do, but comparing it to DS4 aint even cool. I don't even think you can classify the Wii U game pad as a video game controller, it's more of a tablet.

whybag1764d ago

Because you totally didn't put the touchscreen and touchpad in the same sentence, that's definitely not a comparative statement.

scott1821765d ago

Who said the game pad was a gimmick? You just automatically think people would think that before anyone says anything about it? Do you feel deep down that it is a gimmick or are you paranoid of what others think.

I personally like the DS4, including the touch pad, I think it will make games like RTS's and such more playable. And I never once thought anything about the WiiU's gamepad, more power to them.

Chrischi19881764d ago (Edited 1764d ago )

It is basically all over this board, to act like it is not, just shows how ignorant you all are^^

Say one thing about the PS4, doesnt matter what, if its not a super good thing, the Sony Brotherhood storms in like a sect to bash you in a collective^^

Ok, so noone of you believe the Gamepad is a gimmick? I take your responses as a yes^^Otherwise I dont see, what you guys mean. Scott, please stop, please read the comments section of any "How can we save the Wii U" article or just the comment above you from Itachi, ok?

The Gamepads Touchscreen, if only used in a game, like the touchpad, is just as accessible, but if it actually uses the screen, then you get so much more.

So, and to act it doesnt increase the price is not true, every piece of tech cost mones and increases the price.

Itachi, the Gamepad is the reason for Nintendos situation? That there are some people, that actually still believe that^^ It is pretty clear, that the main problem is, that it is less powerful, than the others,, the Gamepad actually makes it worth something again.

Then again, all of you going so extremely nuts over my comment, which was basically ripped apart in the air by sony fans again, shows basically, that I hit a hurting spot, which basically means, I am more right, than you guys want it to be ;)

Sorry guys, like 10 people answered to my comment and I never heard so many false info, but as it were to expect from blind fanboys who attack in a collective, which makes them believe, they are right^^

The worst of your comments was the one from Heisenburger, he act like I dont know the meaning of gimmick, I believe he doesnt and I am not from an english speaking country, but nice how someone makes you a dog, because he disagrees with you. There is nothing to add anymore. Disagrees will basically just prove my point :)

scott1821764d ago

I meant before the comment was made nobody said anything about it, it was only after. So basically the defensive, paranoid comment brought it on, it wasn't like anyone said it to begin with. I doubt anyone cares as much as you think.

Heisenburger1765d ago

Look up the definition of the word "gimmick". This article isn't about WiiU, this is about how people(obviously not all) like the DS4's gimmicks.

I particularly love that I can plug in my Vita ear buds, with built in mic, and have instant surround sound.

That is a gimmick. Again, go look up what that word actually implies before barking little doggy.

Master-H1765d ago (Edited 1765d ago )

Waah Waah, Wii U gimmicky gamepad, teh sony fanboyz, Waah Waah

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chrissx1765d ago

The DS4 is the most balanced and comfortable controller I've ever used. Really well designed

fattyuk1765d ago

The Dualshock 4 is the balls!

The sticks, the triggers ESP the l2/r2, the size of the controller, the share button, the textures of the controller, the touchpad thingy, the built in speaker, the fact you can plug in your headphones,

I also like the feature of not having to select each letter when you type manually, you can just waggle the controller about.

Oh and no battery packs! were not still stuck in 2006 you know. Although saying that playstations controllers have never had battery packs

JMaine5181765d ago (Edited 1765d ago )

Love what they did with the dual shock and even how developers are using the touch pad and the light bar. Tomb raider does a good job with this even using the speaker aspect too.

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