Microsoft: "Gamer Reaction More Important Than Critics Reaction To Any Game"

Microsoft: "Gamer Reaction More Important Than Critics Reaction To Any Game"

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XiSasukeUchiha1806d ago

Ok I will agree to that but if you really want the consumers reduce the price and get rid of kinect or seperate it at least from the bundle!

Septic1806d ago (Edited 1806d ago )

No. Stick with the Kinect I say. They made a bold move shipping with it. Let's see what they can pull off with the tech.

I don't want Kinect relegated to the sidelines like PS Move or the PS Camera.

Let MS take the plunge when it comes to lowering the price of the Xbox One. They sure as heck can afford to do so.

christocolus1806d ago (Edited 1806d ago )

Gamespot claims a new source confirmed a price drop of $399 for the current bundle with kinect. That means ms is going to find an alternative means to cushion the effect or are willing to swallow the price difference.

I think kinect is a great piece of tech and im eager to see how it will be used in games down the road but at same time i know a price drop will push sales a lot further so im just hoping ms finds a balance.

Ontopic: I totally agree.gamer reaction is alot more important than critics reaction. Thats why i know there will be a sequel to ryse.

Allsystemgamer1806d ago

Is buy a one. Without kinect. As much as you fanboys like to say otherwise, kinect is costing them sales.

Kingthrash3601806d ago

the kinect being used in games is old.. think kinect on 360. imo the kinect would only be useful in games when virtual reality hits...i mean now you see games with poor reaction time or no reaction. the best kinect games today are for dancing ...and that isn't even accurate. its too soon for the kinect. voice commands dont work well...i mean it should be a pc accessory its best used with that kind of thing

norman1231806d ago

Septic, agree. Technology needs to advance. graphic alone is not enough. we have PC for graphic, and console can't beat PC for that.

Hard-core gamers want graphic but casual don't care too much of graphic. Kinect is something that can attract casual crown.

InTheLab1806d ago

Move games

Little Big Planet
Dead space

I'd hardly call that the sideline. Compared to kinect which has two quality games that use it, that's pretty damned impressive .

But of course there's always the promise of potential that kinect supporters cling to. Ms themselves have failed to use Kinect in any meaningful way so I disagree that the device should be forced on Xbox fans, especially those that bought a kinect 1.0 2 or 3 years ago on broken promises.

Baka-akaB1806d ago

It is already on the sideline , thus far . But yeah i doubt they should unbundle it

ABizzel11806d ago


$500 gaming console is not attracting any casual gamers.

JokesOnYou1806d ago (Edited 1806d ago )

I didn't like Kinect for 360 due to only kiddie casual focus, which had no benefit to me.

I love Kinect for X1, having it for the UI alone is a huge plus for me and it works great in DR3, and limited commands in Ryse....I want them to expand upon Kinects use in core games with hybrid optional controls.

"Ok I will agree to that but if you really want the consumers reduce the price and get rid of kinect or seperate it at least from the bundle!"

-lol, OK so who says they can't reduce the price AND KEEP KINECT STANDARD? Damm bro, so many of your comments aren't well thought out.

-OT, I like what micro is saying, but do we really need a news post about every single damm tweet from a micro exec?....hell just follow them on twitter; smh I remember when news actually meant a worthwhile idea/fact/position with a story to cover to inform the reader about it merits or lack there of.

H0RSE1806d ago

I see 2 big flaws people keep doing when attempting to downplay the Kinect:

1 - determining it's usefulness only by the amount of games that integrate it.

Even without games, the Kinect is a very useful device. From "xbox on," to the DVR features, to skype, to dashboard navigation and other voice commands, the Kinect has proved itself (at least to me) that it is a welcomed addition to my console gaming experience.

2 - The motion control feature is focused on to the point as to negate everything else it can do.

I see this one especially wen talking about how the Kinect can integrated into games, and ow people don't want to "flail around like idiots" when playing games... Even if you totally disregard the motion control aspect of the device, the Kinect can be integrated into games in very intuitive ways, such as voice commands, like distracting zombies in DR3 or giving commands in Ryse, this feature has a wealth of potential.

What about picking up noises that alert in-game enemies, or giving commands to troops in a military squad? BF4 just scratches the surface with this feature, by being able to physically say "I need ammo/medic, etc." without having to select them from the contextual menu. What if you could tell a game, "respwan as medic with loadout 1," without having to select anything from a menu?

There is also potential in utilizing the device's heartbeat sensor. I can see this useful in a survival horror game, where it detects your heartbeat is up, and throws a wave of enemies at you, or something of that effect.

I think a lot of people try to designate the Kinect as nothing more than a motion capture device, giving no recognition to everything else it is capable of. Ironically, I'm sure a lot of these same people have never actually used a kinect before...

ABizzel11806d ago


"I love Kinect for X1, having it for the UI alone is a huge plus for me and it works great in DR3, and limited commands in Ryse....I want them to expand upon Kinects use in core games with hybrid optional controls."

Most of those features can be done with a mic, except motion controls, but even things like snapping can be changed into a voice command.

"-lol, OK so who says they can't reduce the price AND KEEP KINECT STANDARD? Damm bro, so many of your comments aren't well thought out."

They can but it also means they're more than likely going to take a serious loss on each console sold, and they don't want to struggle to make a profit like they've been doing the last 2 generations, which is why it cost $500 now.

They're in a tough spot right now, and they need to be looking at their options on how they can improve their situation (bring sales numbers up, reach more regions, drop price w/o taking a loss), and all things point to having a Kinect-less SKU.

As of now they're practically on par with where Wii U was this time last year, then good thing they have going for them is TitanFall in March, and Watch Dogs shortly after which should help sales, and hopefully a great E3 to get gamers excited for the holiday.

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Mystogan1806d ago

No, Kinect is awesome. Removing it from the bundle would be a huge mistake. It's the only big feature against the PS4. We'll get to see innovative Kinect games soon.

alexkoepp1806d ago

There is at least one horror game being developed that will tweak the experience based on your heart rate - which the Kinect can do... sounds awesome! Kinect for the win, already doing awesome stuff with more to come

AtomicGerbil1806d ago

Gamers have been waiting three years for innovative games with Kinect. The innovation should have been there day one.

Personally I think the time has passed for Microsoft to prove Kinects worth outside of UI navigation, fitness and dance games. They shouldn't be given anymore slack, deliver what was promised now or drop it.

Allsystemgamer1806d ago

I know many people who would buy a one if it came without kinect. They wanna make kinect garbage then sell it seperately. My only friends who have a one have the kinect still in the box. They don't care for it. I'd buy a one if they dropped the price and lost kinect. Till then I'll stick with my PC 360 ps3 and soon to be ps4

rakentaja1806d ago (Edited 1806d ago )

Kinect is and will remain as party peace and suits well for saturday night gaming sessions with friends. What Kinect gives for a professional gamer? Can I be a better gamer? I want to be ranked in top 3 places and make high scores in games ... Kinect does not help me to achieve any of this..

karl1806d ago

didnt u have like half a console gen with kinect already?

im sure if any kind of innovation was coming it would already be here..

im just not sure what some ppl are expecting from kinect..

n4rc1806d ago

This kinect only shares a name with the old one..

Ms would have bs'ed their way through that gen if it was a flop.. Why invest millions into a piece of tech again if they weren't confident in it?

pyramidshead1806d ago

'Soon'. When? Seems more of a hope than a confirmation to be honest. They definitely need to start showcasing some sort of game or feature that justifies it apart from voice commands.

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lifeisgamesok1806d ago

I disagree

Without Kinect the Xbox One is too similar to the PS4

I'm already spoiled by Kinect

Saying "fire volley" in Ryse while not having to let up on attacking enemies is great

Lure zombies in Dead Rising 3 by saying "over here" and taunting the psycho bosses is a great way to use Kinect too

People say they'll buy a Xbox One without Kinect but most just want that advantage that Microsoft holds (innovation) to be dropped so they can use it to bash Xbox

n4rc1806d ago

I tend to agree..

Some want it gone because they see it as something their system can't do..

Its the DRM crap all over again.. Complain and complain until they cave in.. Then complain and complain about the 180..

These people aren't potential customers and should be ignored

pyramidshead1806d ago (Edited 1806d ago )

"People say they'll buy a Xbox One without Kinect but most just want that advantage that Microsoft holds (innovation) to be dropped so they can use it to bash Xbox"

Lmfao, I'm sorry but you can't speak for everyone and I'm glad you don't.

You would not believe how many people would gladly buy it without the kinect. It doesn't stop the people who want it from getting it.

iistuii1806d ago

I did those calls in those games like you but felt every time that it could be done just as well if not better using a mic. Sometimes where Kinect is by the tv the sound distracts my voice. I could quite easy say over here or fire into a mic & save £100 on the price of the console.

GarrusVakarian1806d ago (Edited 1806d ago )

"Saying "fire volley" in Ryse while not having to let up on attacking enemies is great " can just give us the option to use a controller and let us save $100.

"Lure zombies in Dead Rising 3 by saying "over here" and taunting the psycho bosses is a great way to use Kinect too "

My friend just played the start of this game where it tells you to use Kinect to lure zombies and he said, and i quote "why would i want to do that?", the zombies fell down into the gutter anyway, lol.

"People say they'll buy a Xbox One without Kinect but most just want that advantage that Microsoft holds (innovation) to be dropped so they can use it to bash Xbox"

No. You really believe people wish that Kinect wasn't bundled with the X1 so that people can bash MS for dropping what you call innovation? You are crazy. Has it ever occurred to you that people simply don't want to pay $100 extra for something they don't care for? You need to accept that some people just don't want or care to use Kinect and would MUCH prefer to save £100 to spend on games or something else.

Kinect isn't innovative. It's a typical "if it isn't broken, don't fix it" situation. There's never been anything wrong with using a controller, there's nothing the Kinect can do that i can't do just as easily or quickly with a controller. You can't just force "innovation" on people. Kinect always has been, and always will be a gimmick that's cool for a short while then just never gets used and gathers dust because gamers just continue doing what they've done for decades.......using a controller.

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joab7771806d ago

I disagree. Without the Kinect it is simply an inferior gaming machine. I will buy 1 at some point b/c of the tech and a few exclusives but without the Kinect, id advise that someone buy the ps4.

andrewsqual1806d ago

I agree. Critics and gamers reacted negatively to the Xbone on that fated day of 21st May 2013. It destroyed their image forever. Thank god even Microsoft are aware of this too.

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dedicatedtogamers1806d ago

Does this mean Microsoft will finally, finally stop harping about Metacritic scores? Does this mean Microsoft will finally fire Aaron Greenburg (who is up to his old antics again)?

Charybdis1806d ago (Edited 1806d ago )

Publishers and devs are definitely guilty of that. Not sure if Microsoft is the worst offender.

Septic1806d ago

They didn't say critic scores were meaningless. Just that they aren't as important as rhe gaming community's voice.

scott1821806d ago (Edited 1806d ago )

It is a little funny now though, them saying this after they used Meta for so long to claim a game was good. Why not say "most gamers like this game" if it was more important than the meta score, I never once heard them say that.

DigitalRaptor1806d ago (Edited 1806d ago )

This is such a cop-out answer from MS. They used to go on about Metacritic being of paramount importance to make claims like 'Forza being the highest rated racing franchise'. Now that launch games are getting less than stellar scores across the board, this is just Microsoft's way of changing the goal posts yet again.

And critics are gamers, unless I'm mistaken and for some bizarre reason critics and reviewers don't actually like games, but play them and review them, just to make money.

GribbleGrunger1806d ago (Edited 1806d ago )

LOL. It's just incredible how MS have completely reversed (or are trying to) every single reason they claimed the 360 was better than the PS3. I really don't understand how anyone can take them seriously. They're just moving the goalposts. Resolution was everyone, now it's nothing; framerate was everything, now it's nothing; reviews were everything, now they're nothing; power was everything, now it's nothing ... And on and on they go.

@from the beach: Come on though, let's be honest. The only reason they've said this is because they know multiplatform games are being scrutinised by forums and sites like Digital Foundry. They're deliberately giving their fans a narrative to follow.

from the beach1806d ago (Edited 1806d ago )

"Gamers' reaction > critics' reaction" doesn't mean "reviews are nothing", obviously it's easier to put a percentage score from IGN on the front of the game box than a comment from some forumer.

@GribbleGrunger: This was specifically in response to a question about green-lighting a sequel to the first party game Ryse.

theWB271806d ago (Edited 1806d ago )

So...Sony hasn't flipped their entire image since releasing the PS3?

Is it any different a scenario? Wasn't it Sony who said price isn't a problem if you're paying for a superior product? The PS3 loses crap tons of money and so they change and release a dollar friendly console because of finances/image.

Wasn't it Sony who touted the PS3 to have dual HDMI ports that could simultaneously output 1080p. Hyping and showing CGI games and then touted it as real gameplay. Completely lying about what the PS3 was capable of.

It's funny you say you can't take them seriously when the other contender was the EXACT same way. They release the PS4 with this image of friendliness directly because of the PS3 and what it did.

Both did it for the same reason. To continue getting our dollars. Why would they continue to tout the same advantages the 360 had if the X1 doesn't enjoy the same advantage?

I guess there's a reason Microsoft is Microsoft and Sony is selling off divisions. One can adapt and the other can't..or they adapt too late.

thehitman1806d ago

@WB the PS3 was at least stronger and had MUCH better tech in every way than the 360. It had larger HD, Wifi, Blu-Ray, stronger tech. The only draw back was the price since it had everything in the box at once. Lets not forget the f2p only for all games the entire generation.

Now to get to PS4 they released 200 dollars cheaper and its STILL stronger than the Xbox. How that happen is only MS fault. The Xb1 is not better than PS4 in any way at all so there is no reason for it to be more expensive for a glorified camera.

Also MS is not doing to well either they just got a new CEO investors are losing confidence in them. The only thing keeping the company alive is the corporate sales they get from businesses. They fail in every market they get into with copy-cat technology that goes no where. MS hasnt had an innovative bone in their company since they were created. Even Bill Gates admitted himself he stole ideas and software from others to create the MS we know it as. Sooner or later MS will run out of the big bank they accumulated over the decades and other companies will rise up to take its place.

The big difference between Sony and MS is that Sony is actually dedicated to their craft and care about their consumers, while MS just sees everyone as $$$ to line their pockets.

GribbleGrunger1806d ago (Edited 1806d ago )


The problem with MS is they think they can create trust with just a few well placed tweets and statements. It takes years and years to build up trust and that's done by showing not talking. This is why when Sony say 'we're for the gamers' people believe them. Every statement from MS comes across as something that's been typed up in a board meeting because they honestly believe they can change their image overnight.

When you see Sony T-shirts with 'We love Indies' written on them, you know they mean it because they've built that trust between the gamers and the Indie devs over the last 4 years ... NOT four days.

maniacmayhem1806d ago


I disagree completely. Sony has done just as much as the WB27 has stated but gets a pass on this site only because of the extreme bias the majority of this community has for the other companies and especially MS.

You claim that when Sony makes a shirt that says 'We love Indies" it's more believable ...even though MS has supported indies on the 360 from the beginning with their very own channel, ran by the actual indie community where MS even provided tools for them to make simple games and turn a profit. And this didn't require a shirt with a PR slogan written on it and handed out to Joe Consumer on the street.

This whole misconception that Sony is so in love with their consumers while MS is all about $$$ as thehitman stated is laughable. Sony has done everything that MS has in terms of features, TV, and services. Sony says exactly what you want to hear while implementing the same practices as MS behind the scenes and you guys eat it up and preach the word of Sony.

It's very scary in a cult sort of way with "some" of you.

theWB271806d ago

I'm sorry Gribble, but if you think Sony is any more "genuine" than Microsoft then you're buying into their message just as they intended.

"This is why when Sony says we're for the gamers we believe them."

That's a load of crap to put it lightly. Sony did the EXACT same thing as Microsoft did BEFORE the systems launched.

The difference between the two is Microsoft listened to the customer and changed their outlook before we were able to buy a single system from them.

It took Sony most of last gen and PS3 losing billions of dollars for them to turn into the "for the gamer" company people like to say they are.

They've offered and touted so many features that haven't come to fruition. Lied about what games are real. Told you as a fanbase that the PS3 was a supreme product and worth the expensive price tag.

When the PS3 wasn't selling like they wanted...they reversed track. Took out promised features and streamlined the PS3.

It's like Sony fans completely wipe out last gen because it doesn't fit their narrative of a "for the gamer Sony."

I can understand you buying into their message cause you love Sony. It doesn't fly with me when you try and paint Microsoft as some anti gamer company who ONLY does things because of business and it's "drawn up in a meeting."

It's BS pure and simple. They may not offer as many exclusives...but Microsoft spends more and tries just as hard to offer a vision of THEIR product just like Sony does. I don't see any less effort from Microsoft to offer a competent product to its fans.

BTW...this whole thing from Sony is PR. It's genius because it's working. In the end it's a PR slogan/message in order for you to buy a Playstation.

pyramidshead1806d ago

There's only so many bubbles I can give you apparently lol. Well said.

Not to mention Major Nelson's blog totally eviscerating the PS3 in a point to point contrast comparison about the 'flops' they did. MS certainly have been caught with their pants down.

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DragonKnight1806d ago

We'll see Phil, we'll see. Microsoft's track record has been "we're right, you're wrong, get used to it" for quite awhile. If you turn that around, much respect.

redwin1806d ago

They might take kinect out, kinect was just bough by google. Microsoft have a track record of being too ahead of its time, hence the first smart phone. Maybe google Will incorporate kinect into the google glass and then people will love it. But I use kinect at home all the time and I love it, but I love my ps4 too. It's like asking me which of my two dogs I love more? My boxer or my lapdog? One will go jogging with me but the other will sit still with me the entire time I'm playing a game. Mmmmm, it's a good thing we have choices, isn't it? So, don't kill the competitor. Because of MS is why Sony is letting us play free games every month and the reason why we get 1080 with 60fps. Otherwise, the incumbent will do the least possible.

MightyNoX1806d ago

They can throw 'We're consumer friendly' all they want but as long as their empty suits suffer from Foot-in-mouth-itis, they'll throw some insults. They can't help themselves, it's in their blood.

Hellsvacancy1806d ago

MS is so full of sh!t, like they listen to gamers

pompombrum1806d ago

Yup too true..

MS: We listen to gamers

Gamer: How about a kinectless Xbox One bundle?

MS: But but but, we can't just flip the switch

Listening indeed.

vallencer1806d ago

Let's just point out the ONE thing that they haven't listened to. But let's ignore all the things that they changed because of people complaining about them. That makes sense.

Besides if they took out the kinect the xbox one wouldn't be nearly as good as it is now. The kinect makes that system much better then it is.

Like it or not the kinect is there to stay. They've said that plenty of times and I'm sure they mean it so just deal with it. And if you don't like it then just don't buy an xbox one it's pretty simple.

pompombrum1806d ago (Edited 1806d ago )

Well what they initially tried to sell us defied common sense. It seemed a logical decision for them to do the 180s really. Kinect is still a taboo area with many gamers seeing little to no value in it and it's not like there is really anything compelling announced yet that's going to change their minds either.

aLucidMind1806d ago

Vallencer, they only changed their minds when they noticed the pre-order numbers weren't getting any better, let alone anywhere near as good as the numbers PS4 was getting.

They listened to MONEY, not customers. There is a big difference.

Bzone241806d ago

Customers are money, so no difference at all. The customers spoke with their wallets. So they listened to the customer. Customers are money for every company. Or else they would be just giving away their products.

n4rc1805d ago

Man that's such bs..

All they've done is listen and change..

And your STILL on that one quote without understanding its meaning?

Saying you can't just flip a switch doesnt mean you can't do something.. It means its not as easy as you make it out to be

vallencer1805d ago

They did 180s because people were complaining about the system and what and where it was going. They changed it because if they didn't even THEY knew that their system would flop and tank.

You have to stop looking at the kinect as a piece of gaming entertainment. That's not what it is meant for. Yes there will be games for it eventually but the kinect wasn't built for video games. It's more built for doing all the other things like navigating a menu and yelling at it to record things or sign you in. It may seem like its just "added" but in reality its part of the console because they designed it that way. And frankly without it it would be just another gaming machine which i know is what people want but i want my system to do more then just play video games. Granted I'm probably like one of the few.

They changed their minds based off of consumers. It doesn't matter how they listened just that they did. As bzone pointed out we are the money so yeah they listened to us. Plus people were complaining all over the internet and even though people wanna think that microsoft is stupid, they really aren't.

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TheRedButterfly1806d ago

Not sure how you managed to miss this, but I'll remind you since it seems that you've spent the past 8 months under a rock.

Hellsvacancy1806d ago (Edited 1806d ago )

Lol, do you honestly think MS listened to what gamers wanted and then applied the changes?

MS had no choice but to make the changes, if they listened to what gamers wanted they wouldn't of built the XB1 the way it was when it was announced

The rock I live under is far smaller than the one you live under buddy

vallencer1805d ago

The biggest shame in them changing things is now we can't resell games digitally. They had things set up to where we could get rid of our digital games and what not. But people only listen until they can't do something and then after that it doesn't matter anymore. It's like sony. They announced you could play your used games on your system no problem and then they immediately announced that you have to have ps+ to play online and no one cared. Part of that is because its a great deal but the other part of that is because they announced something that made their fans happy first.

redwin1806d ago

These console haven't put out many demoes, if there is no demo I think there is something they are hiding there fore I'm not buying the game.