Sonic Boom Or Bust

Thomas Ellis of Gamer Attitude wonders if Sonic Boom will see our favourite blue hedgehog return to form.

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DivineAssault 1764d ago

Lol bust! The gameplay & story would have to be AMAZING! That's prolly not gonna happen either... I can only imagine how much japan is laughing @ Nathan drake sonic, Marcus fenix knuckles, & the other two who look surprisingly better than them.. It's only for Nintendo so I doubt it's going to be a smash hit or it'd be on all current gen consoles... Lost world anyone?

iplay1up21764d ago

Lost World is a great game, the reviews are mixed not all bad. I have seen it rated 8.5/10. The bad reviews are often times due to frustration, because the game is quite tricky in spots, and unforgiving.

If you look at the team Working on Boom, they are a Top Notch crew. I doubt they would want their names on the credits of a POS.

-Foxtrot1764d ago (Edited 1764d ago )

The point is though they made Lost Worlds like it was going to be amazing and in the end it fell flat on it's face, mostly because it ended up being disappointing to what the marketing lead us to believe.

I think when it comes to Sonic games, don't get sucked into the trailers because they are probably not going to be as good as the actual game.

Sonic Boom looks no different...the reason it looks so new and "interesting" is because it's using a better engine and it's next gen.

I really don't see why they didn't put the Cryengine 3 to better use and make Sonic Adventure 3.

Vegamyster1764d ago (Edited 1764d ago )

@-Foxtrot It's being made by different devs who have a good resume of games they've worked on, instead of just presuming it won't be good just wait and see.

Trailers are suppose to make the game look good, that goes for pretty much any game.

-Foxtrot1764d ago


"It's being made by different devs who have a good resume of games they've worked on"

Don't use the ND excuse, it's like one or two people from ND. They didn't make up the entire studio, ND make good games because of their teamwork and what they crafted as a studio as a whole.

If each member of ND went to different studios for example then it doesn't mean the studios games are going to be automatically as good as The Last of Us or Uncharted because of that one ND memeber. One of them could go to Slant Six and they would still be a terrible studio.

Vegamyster1764d ago

Then ignore the game lol, don't go to every page related to it and downplay it without even trying it.

-Foxtrot1764d ago (Edited 1764d ago )


It's a commenting site which allows both sides of opinions on ANYTHING

Don't tell someone what to do

I can do whatever I want.

Honestly you only WANT it to be good and you ignore the fact that it's most likely going to be average at best. denial.

Vegamyster1764d ago


"It's a commenting site which allows both sides of opinions on ANYTHING"

Sure, but you're acting like your opinions are facts.

"Don't tell someone what to do"

Isn't that what you're doing?

"Honestly you only WANT it to be good and you ignore the fact that it's most likely going to be average at best. "

Well why would i WANT it to be bad? WE have no reason to like or dislike based on a short trailer. I'm not jumping to conclusions, it's not "denial" lol.

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Summons751764d ago

Honestly it will probably be good. One of the leads worked at Naughty Dog and was lead on Jak and Daxter, not to mention BRB have been working very closely with Sonic Team for the past two years. The other lead was working on the cancelled Sonic Xtreme. Sure Knuckles is kinda meh but there isn't anything wrong with the other characters and the minute of footage looked like it was taking a different take on the Adventure games but freshening it up to actually work well. If the story is good or not is yet to be decided but seeing as the lead from Jak and Dexter is on it i don't have a doubt.

Plus Lost Worlds was an awesome game, fun and entertaining and a game doesn't need to be on all consoles to be a 'smash hit'. Look at Uncharted, smash hit one system. Halo, Zelda, Mario Kart, Killzone...all found on their respective owning systems.

Seems like most Sonic 'fans' like to just bash every entry before doing research or seeing more than a minute of footage. Sure there have been more bad than good sonics but Sonic has been really making a turn around.

linkenski1763d ago

There is one or two big "BUT"s however. BigRedButton only consist of 12 people, granted, they're veterans with great experience in making games, not to mention how indie developers consisting of 4 people have made stuff like "No Man's Sky".

Another thing is that BRB Entertainment has worked "closely with Sonic Team" for this title, and I believe that can both be detrimental as it can be productive. Sonic Team probably hit bullseye as many times as they completely missed the dart bulletin, if you catch my drift here.

But it could be truly good, no doubt. I'm excited :D

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smashcrashbash1764d ago

Yeah no matter how much you pretend Sonic is NEVER going to make a come back.Moat people don't even care any more if a Sonic game will be good.There are many more bad Sonic games in ratio to good ones and most people's opinion is that he should have been put out to pasture a long time ago.So except for the people who still cling to Sonic the Hedgehog most people don't care.Every Sonic game that comes out people keep trying to say 'this is the one' and it usually either turns out to be crap, average or divided among critics if it is any good. Sega needs to stop milking Sonic,stand back up and make the kind of 'out of the box' games they used to that made them popular.

isarai1764d ago

I think too many people are taking this the wrong way, this is not meant to be the next big installment in the sonic franchise, it's just a game made by an external studio Sega is allowing to make to go alongside the show.

linkenski1763d ago

I like how your comment got a disagree even though it's a fact.

Ck1x1764d ago

I know people are probably bummed out that this game isn't coming to their system of choice, but I think this will most likely be a big deal and primarily because of the exposure it will receive from the cartoon tie in. Sonic has never really sold well on any platforms other than Nintendo and Sega's own of course, so I'm not so sure why people are so quick to call this a bust so quickly